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Team ANY/A through 12 weeks — and Matt Cassel

30th November 2010

The San Diego Chargers are on a four game winning streak, lead the league in yards gained, yards allowed, net yards per pass and net yards per pass allowed. So don't feel bad if you haven't done a good job of following the Kansas City passing game the past three weeks -- I hadn't either.

Then I noticed that Dwayne Bowe had 14 touchdowns, the third most through 11 games in the last 50 years. And Matt Cassel -- who ranked 25th in ANY/A last season -- ranks 5th in that metric in 2010. He's thrown 22 touchdowns and against just 4 interceptions. Here's a list of all players in the past 50 years with 20+ touchdowns and no more than 5 interceptions through 11 team games:

Rk           Player Age Year  Lg  Tm  G  W L T  Cmp Att  Cmp%  Yds TD Int  Rate  Y/A  AY/A
1         Tom Brady  33 2010 NFL NWE 11  9 2 0  236 356 66.3% 2703 23   4 105.8 7.59  8.38
2       Matt Cassel  28 2010 NFL KAN 11  7 4 0  195 323 60.4% 2307 22   4  99.7 7.14  7.95
3       Brett Favre  40 2009 NFL MIN 11 10 1 0  248 358 69.3% 2874 24   3 112.1 8.03  8.99
4     Aaron Rodgers  25 2009 NFL GNB 11  7 4 0  249 380 65.5% 3136 22   5 104.9 8.25  8.82
5         Tom Brady  30 2007 NFL NWE 11 11 0 0  284 392 72.4% 3439 39   4 127.9 8.77 10.30
6        Drew Brees  25 2004 NFL SDG 11  8 3 0  206 313 65.8% 2458 21   3 108.0 7.85  8.76
7    Donovan McNabb  27 2004 NFL PHI 11 10 1 0  224 350 64.0% 2892 23   5 105.8 8.26  8.93
8       Rich Gannon  35 2001 NFL RAI 11  8 3 0  236 360 65.6% 2626 21   4 101.9 7.29  7.96
9     Roman Gabriel  29 1969 NFL RAM 11 11 0 0  176 325 54.2% 2212 22   3  94.3 6.81  7.74

Um, yeah. Last year, Jason wrote an article about how Cassel was so conservative that he'd be better off throwing more incomplete passes and interceptions. This year? Well, according to the raw numbers, he looks like a viable MVP candidate. Which, of course, shocked me as a sign that something was up.
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What John Elway Really did Forty-Seven Times in His Career

30th November 2010

This is a guest post by Scott Kacsmar. Thanks to Scott for sharing his comeback data with us on the site. A complete list of comebacks for quarterbacks is available on their player pages linked just above their passing stats. (Sean Forman)

When Brett Favre produces a comeback victory, the sports world is a flutter with excitement. Highlight reels of the winning drive are shown ad nauseam. Mariucci cries. Madden sweats. The sales of Crocs go up. Nothing says "Brett Favre's just having fun out there" more than a signature comeback win.
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Follow Pro-Football-Reference on Twitter and Facebook!

30th November 2010

Just a friendly reminder that you can follow us at your favorite social media sites:

Also, be sure to check out the Play Index, football's most powerful search tool...

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Which players have played for the most coaches?

30th November 2010

On Sunday, Leslie Frazier became the 8th coach Brett Favre has played for, following (alphabetically) Brad Childress, Jerry Glanville, Mike Holmgren, Eric Mangini, Mike McCarthy, Ray Rhodes and Mike Sherman. Where does that rank among all players since 1950? Even among quarterbacks, it may not place as high as you think (all data current through the 2009 season):

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Name # coaches seasons C/S list
Steve DeBerg 11 21 0.52 Leeman Bennett, Frank Gansz, Pete McCulley, John McKay, Fred O'Connor, Ray Perkins, Dan Reeves, Marty Schottenheimer, Don Shula, Bill Walsh, Sam Wyche
Archie Manning 11 14 0.79 Ed Biles, Bud Grant, Ernie Hefferle, Dick Nolan, John North, Bum Phillips, J.D. Roberts, Dick Stanfel, Les Steckel, Hank Stram, Chuck Studley
Marty Domres 10 9 1.11 Monte Clark, Sid Gillman, Ted Marchibroda, Don McCafferty, Walt Michaels, John Sandusky, Howard Schnellenberger, Harland Svare, Joe Thomas, Charlie Waller
Jeff George 10 12 0.83 Joe Bugel, Dennis Green, Jon Gruden, June Jones, Ted Marchibroda, Ron Meyer, Terry Robiskie, Marty Schottenheimer, Norv Turner, Rick Venturi
Vinny Testaverde 9 21 0.43 Bill Belichick, Herman Edwards, John Fox, Al Groh, Ted Marchibroda, Bill Parcells, Ray Perkins, Richard Williamson, Sam Wyche
Babe Parilli 9 18 0.50 Lisle Blackbourn, Paul Brown, Hugh Devore, Eddie Erdelatz, Weeb Ewbank, Mike Holovak, Ray McLean, Gene Ronzani, Lou Saban
Mark Herrmann 9 11 0.82 Don Coryell, Hal Hunter, Frank Kush, Ted Marchibroda, Ron Meyer, Dan Reeves, John Robinson, Al Saunders, Rick Venturi
Chris Chandler 9 17 0.53 Joe Bugel, Jeff Fisher, Dick Jauron, Chuck Knox, Mike Martz, Ron Meyer, Ray Perkins, Dan Reeves, Richard Williamson
Dick Shiner 8 11 0.73 Bill Austin, Blanton Collier, Chuck Fairbanks, Otto Graham, Bill McPeak, Chuck Noll, Norm Van Brocklin, Alex Webster
Dave Krieg 8 19 0.42 Jeff Fisher, Wayne Fontes, Chuck Knox, Mike McCormack, Jack Patera, Buddy Ryan, Marty Schottenheimer, Dave Wannstedt
Greg Landry 8 17 0.47 Monte Clark, Mike Ditka, Rick Forzano, Tommy Hudspeth, Ted Marchibroda, Don McCafferty, Mike McCormack, Joe Schmidt
Tobin Rote 8 17 0.47 Lisle Blackbourn, Hugh Devore, Sid Gillman, Ray Malavasi, Ray McLean, Gene Ronzani, Mac Speedie, George Wilson
Mike Pagel 8 12 0.67 Bud Carson, Rod Dowhower, Hal Hunter, Chuck Knox, Frank Kush, John Robinson, Marty Schottenheimer, Jim Shofner
Bill Munson 8 16 0.50 George Allen, Rick Forzano, Chuck Knox, Don McCafferty, Jack Patera, Tommy Prothro, Joe Schmidt, Harland Svare
Norm Snead 8 16 0.50 Bill Arnsparger, Bud Grant, Joe Kuharich, Bill McPeak, John McVay, Dick Nolan, Alex Webster, Jerry Williams
Brad Johnson 8 15 0.53 Brad Childress, Tony Dungy, Dennis Green, Jon Gruden, Wade Phillips, Terry Robiskie, Mike Tice, Norv Turner
Randall Cunningham 8 17 0.47 Brian Billick, Fred Bruney, Dave Campo, Marion Campbell, Dennis Green, Rich Kotite, Ray Rhodes, Buddy Ryan
Lamar McHan 8 10 0.80 Jack Christiansen, Weeb Ewbank, Red Hickey, Pop Ivy, Vince Lombardi, Ray Richards, Don Shula, Joe Stydahar
Sonny Jurgensen 8 18 0.44 George Allen, Bill Austin, Hugh Devore, Otto Graham, Vince Lombardi, Bill McPeak, Buck Shaw, Nick Skorich
Gus Frerotte 8 15 0.53 Brad Childress, Dick LeBeau, Scott Linehan, Bobby Ross, Nick Saban, Mike Shanahan, Mike Tice, Norv Turner
Steve Beuerlein 8 16 0.50 Joe Bugel, Dom Capers, Tom Coughlin, Jimmy Johnson, Buddy Ryan, George Seifert, Mike Shanahan, Art Shell
Ralph Guglielmi 8 9 0.89 Chuck Drulis, Pop Ivy, Joe Kuharich, Mike Nixon, Ray Prochaska, Allie Sherman, Nick Skorich, Ray Willsey
Charley Johnson 8 15 0.53 Chuck Drulis, Ed Hughes, Pop Ivy, Wally Lemm, Ray Prochaska, John Ralston, Ray Willsey, Charley Winner
Hugh Millen 7 9 0.78 Marion Campbell, Jerry Glanville, Jim Hanifan, Dick MacPherson, Wade Phillips, John Robinson, Mike Shanahan
Rich Gannon 7 18 0.39 Jerry Burns, Bill Callahan, Dennis Green, Jon Gruden, Richie Petitbon, Marty Schottenheimer, Norv Turner
Zeke Bratkowski 7 18 0.39 Phil Bengtson, Dan Devine, Paddy Driscoll, George Halas, Vince Lombardi, Harland Svare, Bob Waterfield
Steve Bono 7 15 0.47 Jerry Burns, Bud Grant, Mike Holmgren, Chuck Noll, Marty Schottenheimer, George Seifert, Dick Vermeil
Brett Favre 7 19 0.37 Brad Childress, Jerry Glanville, Mike Holmgren, Eric Mangini, Mike McCarthy, Ray Rhodes, Mike Sherman
Billy Joe Tolliver 7 11 0.64 Mike Ditka, Jeff Fisher, Jerry Glanville, Dan Henning, Jack Pardee, Dan Reeves, Marty Schottenheimer
Ron Jaworski 7 16 0.44 Fred Bruney, Marion Campbell, Chuck Knox, Buddy Ryan, Marty Schottenheimer, Don Shula, Dick Vermeil
Jeff Garcia 7 11 0.64 Butch Davis, Dennis Erickson, Jon Gruden, Dick Jauron, Steve Mariucci, Andy Reid, Terry Robiskie
Don Horn 7 8 0.88 Phil Bengtson, Vince Lombardi, Tommy Prothro, John Ralston, Lou Saban, Nick Skorich, Jerry Smith
Trent Green 7 12 0.58 Cam Cameron, Herman Edwards, Jim Haslett, Scott Linehan, Mike Martz, Norv Turner, Dick Vermeil
Dan Pastorini 7 13 0.54 Marion Campbell, Tom Flores, Sid Gillman, Ed Hughes, Ray Malavasi, Bill Peterson, Bum Phillips
Jim Hart 7 19 0.37 Don Coryell, Joe Gibbs, Jim Hanifan, Bob Hollway, Bud Wilkinson, Larry Wilson, Charley Winner
Tom Flores 7 10 0.70 Joe Collier, Al Davis, Eddie Erdelatz, Marty Feldman, Harvey Johnson, John Rauch, Hank Stram
John Hadl 7 16 0.44 Dan Devine, Sid Gillman, Chuck Knox, Bum Phillips, Bart Starr, Harland Svare, Charlie Waller
Jeff Blake 7 14 0.50 Brian Billick, Bruce Coslet, Jim Haslett, Dave McGinnis, Andy Reid, David Shula, Lovie Smith
Mark Rypien 7 14 0.50 Bill Belichick, Rich Brooks, Joe Gibbs, Jim Mora, Richie Petitbon, Ray Rhodes, Dick Vermeil
Vince Evans 7 19 0.37 Neill Armstrong, Mike Ditka, Tom Flores, Jack Pardee, Mike Shanahan, Art Shell, Mike White
Wade Wilson 7 18 0.39 Jerry Burns, Jerry Glanville, Bud Grant, Jon Gruden, Jim Mora, Les Steckel, Barry Switzer
Joe Ferguson 7 18 0.39 Chuck Knox, Ron Meyer, Ray Perkins, Jim Ringo, Darryl Rogers, Lou Saban, Kay Stephenson
John Reaves 7 16 0.44 Ed Biles, Paul Brown, Bill Johnson, Ed Khayat, Mike McCormack, Ray Perkins, Homer Rice
Warren Moon 6 17 0.35 Hugh Campbell, Gunther Cunningham, Dennis Erickson, Jerry Glanville, Dennis Green, Jack Pardee

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PI Finds: Every Thanksgiving QB Performance Since 1960

24th November 2010

In honor of the holiday tomorrow, I thought I'd put together a list of every Thanksgiving QB performance since 1960. Using the PFR Player Game Finder to find Thursday games, I cross-referenced the results against this list of historical Thanksgiving dates. Here's what I eventually came up with:

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Add Links to Your Site’s Blog Posts to PFR Player Pages

24th November 2010

PFR Player Name Linker / Add your Site to our Player Newsfeeds

As noted in our reset post we now have newsfeeds on the PFR player pages showing the latest player news from KFFL, injury reports and links to relevant PFR blog posts. If you have a blog or website with an RSS feed you can add your site to relevant player pages as well. Our Player Linker Tool will take your blog posts as you've written them and run them through a program and add links to PFR player pages where appropriate. So while you don't have the resource to create your own player pages for your site, you can treat us as your site's statistics partner, linking LT's name to our stats or any player all the way back to Y.A. Tittle and Otto Graham.

If the links then appear in your rss feed and you let us know to look for them, we'll pull them out of your feed and then link back to you from LT's page, or Otto Graham's or whomever you link to.

If you help your users find our great content, we'll help our users find yours. And best of all it is all automated except for one click of an easy-to-install bookmarklet. Check the Player Newsfeeds page for details. This link share will also work for tables you share using the SHARE tooltip found above every stats table on the site.

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How are Bradford, Sanchez and Freeman doing?

24th November 2010

It's always difficult to compare players across eras, and at no place is the discrepancy more complicated than at quarterback. Many traditional quarterback statistics such as completion percentage, passing yards and touchdown-to-interception ratio, have risen significantly over the past few decades. On the other hand, quarterbacks are starting at younger ages now than ever before, a combination of rising salaries for rookies and the NFL's decision to allow players just three years removed from high school to enter the draft. Matthew Stafford and Josh Freeman are two of the youngest four players to throw for 300 yards in a game. And while Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford aren't super young, they were thrown into the fire immediately. Both were opening day starters for their teams despite limited college experience: Sam Bradford threw at least 10 passes in only 29 games in college; Sanchez hit that number in just 16 games.
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2010 QB Comebacks and Game-winning Drives now Updated Weekly

23rd November 2010

Michael Vick's Career 4th quarter comebacks and game-winning drives -

I'm linking to this not to point out that Michael Vick managed his first game-winning drive in four years, but to point out that we are now updating this information weekly.

A BIG thanks to Scott Kacsmar for providing this data for us to use here.

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Coaching Resumes updated through 2010

23rd November 2010

Cam Cameron Record, Statistics, and Category Ranks -

For all of the current and past NFL head coaches we have updated full coaching resumes through the 2010 season. It would be nice to get a coordinator list at some point. We'll have to add that to the todo list.

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22nd November 2010

Those of you paying close attention to PFR noticed that an hour or so ago, the site's look and feel was tweaked ever so slightly. got a similar reset about a month ago and we will be moving onto our other sites at some point soon as well.

These are not huge changes, but there are some.

  • Column headers can still be sorted, but clicking three times returns you to the default table
  • The tooltips have been improved in their appearance.
  • There is a glossary link above the stats tables that will show you all of the stats in the table in one place
  • All of the tables on the site are now shareable. Clicking that SHARE link above the stats tables brings up a dialog that lets you create custom reports from the table. You can delete columns and rows and then get the output as html, a link, plain text, text for your favorite bulletin board and more
  • Player pages now have a newsfeed at the top of the page that shows latest injury reports, news from KFFL, and player mentions in various blogs. You can add your blog to our newsfeeds and get links from your player mentions to PFR all in one feel swoop.
  • Player navigation to things like gamelogs, comebacks, splits and the like have been modified to be more in line with what you might know from They now appear just above the player stats on the player pages.
  • The site should be faster now as we've tweaked the way the css and js is downloaded.
  • Every player, team, and box score now has a Facebook "Like" button, so that you can let the world know your favorite players. Go crazy.
  • The blog template has been tweaked a bit as well and you can have an image appear by your comments setting up a universal avatar at
  • Box scores got an updated look.
  • The search engine got an updated look and now also appears in a larger block on the front page.
  • There are now more links to the College Football Site.
  • Feedback is always appreciated and you can directly file a bug via our Feedback Form.

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Carrying a team

21st November 2010

At one point in the third quarter of yesterday's Panthers-Ravens game, Mike Goodson had 101 yards from scrimmage. At that same time, Carolina had 101 total yards of offense. Because yardage lost due to sacks are deducted from team totals, it's possible for one player to actually outgain his own team. In this instance, Steve Smith had 12 yards on two catches, the Panthers had been sacked two times for -12 yards, and every other touch in the game went to Goodson. These events made me wonder: has any player actually outgained his own team?

Since 1960, seven players have done that. Another two exactly tied their team's production. Let's stroll down memory lane:

#9) Rickey Watts. The Chicago Bears were 3-8 when the Detroit Lions came to town in late November, 1981. The Lions had allowed 20 points in each of their past four games, and were a game under .500. On the surface, a generic late-season game between two bad teams. But on a cold day in Chicago, history would be made. Vince Evans completed just 4 of 19 passes for 21 yards -- with two interceptions. Bob Avellini relieved him, and went 3 of 10 for 20 yards, with a pick. Bob Parsons threw an incomplete pass, too. But Detroit's coverage skills were matched by their pass rushing ability, as the Lions registered 7 quarterback sacks. All told, Bears quarterbacks dropped back 37 times for -20 yards and 3 interceptions (ANY/A of -4.2). Chicago scored just 7 points, courtesy of a 92-yard interception return by Todd Bell. Throw in 44 rushing yards, and the Bears were held to just 24 yards on the day, a number equaled by Watts on two receptions. The 24 yards of total offense is still the 3rd lowest figure in NFL history, with only the "Water Polo" game in 1940 producing more ineptitude. The Bears gained just four first downs. But there will be more from this game in a bit.

#8) Clark Gaines. Gaines pops up in trivia questions and PFR queries every once in awhile thanks to a 17-catch game against the 49ers in 1980. But four years earlier, as a rookie, he shouldered even more of his team's load. By 4 PM on Sunday, December 12th, the Jets season was officially over. But the rest of the offense decided to end things three hours earlier. During the last week of the regular season, Lou Holtz stepped down as head coach, leaving former New England coach Mike Holovak as the lame duck for the season finale. With the 9-4 Bengals coming into Shea Stadium, the outcome of the game was never in doubt. Cincinnati won 42-3, and embarassed Joe Namath in his final game. Namath completed just 4 of 15 passes for 20 yards, with a long of six. And, of course, threw 4 interceptions. Richard Todd wasn't much better, going 3-13 for 23 yards with 2 interceptions and a safety. All told, on 32 dropbacks, Jets quarterbacks gained just 8 yards. Gaines rushed 18 times for 51 yards and caught 3 passes for 21 yards. His 72 yards from scrimmage exactly matched the Jets' output that day.
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Checkdowns: History of Super Bowl Cartoons

19th November 2010

Here's a pretty cool site I stumbled upon yesterday:

Super Bowl Newspaper Cartoons and Game Preview Art

It's always interesting to see how the matchups were viewed in the media at the time of the game, especially in a medium like the newspaper cartoon, where you have to convey a specific idea quickly to a broad audience.

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PI Finds: Pats-Colts, By The Numbers

18th November 2010

In honor of this Sunday's battle between two of the NFL's fiercest rivals, let's use the PFR Team Game Finder to take a look at the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts' head-to-head stats during the Brady-vs-Manning era (2001-09, including the playoffs -- but excluding '08, when Brady was injured and missed the game).

First, the overall game results:

Team Games Wins Losses Ties WPct PF PA PtDiff
Patriots 11 7 4 0 0.636 324 265 59
Colts 11 4 7 0 0.364 265 324 -59

And the results just in Foxboro, the location of Sunday's game:

Team Games Wins Losses Ties WPct PF PA PtDiff
Patriots 6 4 2 0 0.667 156 121 35
Colts 6 2 4 0 0.333 121 156 -35

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PI Finds: Searching for Vick/Eagles Milestones at PFR

17th November 2010

If you were watching the Philly-Washington game on Monday night, you knew that Michael Vick and the Eagles were setting records right & left because the MNF crew pointed them out on-screen as they happened. But do you ever wish you could search for those kinds of milestones yourself? Using the Play Index, you can. Here are some Vick/Eagles milestones I searched for on Tuesday morning, as soon as we loaded the Eagles game into the database:

(Please note that I'm not picking on the Redskins here, or rubbing in their loss -- this is merely a demonstration of our site tools, and the MNF game is a good example because a lot of milestones were reached.)

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Daily Updates on SR’s College Basketball Site

17th November 2010

Starting today, SR's college basketball site will be updated on a daily basis with 2010-11 statistics and results. Player game logs and splits are not ready yet, but they should be up by December 1 at the latest. Keep in mind that there are almost 350 Division I schools, so early on there may be a few hiccups. Please help us out by letting us know if anything looks amiss, either by posting a comment on the CBB blog or by filling out the CBB feedback form.

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Checkdowns: Brady’s Thoughts on My ‘Top 100 QB Performances’ Post

16th November 2010

Tom Brady was the guest on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan Show this morning, as he is just about every week, to break down the previous Patriots game and chat about team issues.

After discussing the Steelers game, they started to talk about Michael Vick's amazing performance last night -- and at the 24-minute mark, Gerry and John give a shoutout to PFR, asking Brady to address my post about the Top 100 Post-Merger QB Performances (unadjusted for opponent; the adjusted version is here).

Tom wasn't too impressed, and he talked about the perils of judging QBs by yards per attempt, but he was pretty blown away by Joe Namath's #1-ranked performance. Also, it's a shame they looked at my first post on the subject and not my second, because at the bottom, Brady's 2007 shows up as being the single greatest season by a QB since the merger.

(Special thanks to Baseball-Reference's own Andy Kamholz for hearing this on the radio and letting me know about it.)

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Support, Sponsor a Page

15th November 2010

Sponsoring a page is fun, fast, and easy way to support what we're doing here at Pro-Football-Reference. With a sponsorship, you can:

  • Show your support for your favorite player or team.
  • Drum up traffic for your own site & draw in fans with a common interest.
  • Get some well-deserved recognition for your support of PFR.
  • Make your voice heard by the tens of thousands of people who visit Pro-Football-Reference every day.

Here's all you have to do to get involved:

  1. Create a membership account.
  2. Find the page(s) you'd like to support, and click "sponsor" (available pages).
  3. If the page you want is already sponsored, click "Alert Me!" to be informed when the current sponsorship expires.
  4. Follow the instructions to create your message and make your payment.
  5. Your message and links will be visible on the page after we approve them (usually in less than 24 hours).

And who knows, if you're clever enough, your message might end up on lists like these.

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Checkdowns: Garrard to Thomas, in Tecmo Form

15th November 2010

Did you see this ridiculous walk-off Hail Mary from David Garrard to Mike Thomas yesterday? Did you think to yourself, 'what would that play look like if re-enacted using 16-bit graphics?' Fortunately, Jordan Slocum has you covered with what he terms "more awesome Gus Johnson head exploding greatness":

It's pretty amazing how frequently Gus is assigned to the games that give him the best chance to showcase his signature broadcasting style.

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NCAA: SRS ratings through eleven weeks

14th November 2010

Oregon and TCU stumbled this week, barely hanging on against inferior conference opponents. Boise State and Auburn obliterated hated rivals and left no question about their ability to win. What do the SRS ratings say compared to last week?

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Rank Team Gm MOV SOS SRS Rec Conf ConRk SOS Rk
1 Oregon 10 29.3 43.1 72.3 10-0 P10 1 26
2 Boise St 9 27.9 36.6 64.5 9-0 WAC 1 76
3 Stanford 10 17.3 47.1 64.4 9-1 P10 2 8
4 TCU 11 26.8 37.3 64.1 11-0 MWC 1 66
5 Alabama 10 16.3 44.5 60.8 8-2 SEC 1 14
6 Ohio State 10 22.3 37.3 59.6 9-1 B10 1 65
7 Auburn 11 16.2 42.5 58.7 11-0 SEC 2 29
8 Oklahoma St 10 15.4 41.9 57.3 9-1 B12 1 33

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Trivia Blitz Podcast

13th November 2010

Chase and Jason vie for NFL history trivia supremacy again. Rumor has it Doug will be on the receiving end of one of these soon.

Listen here, subscribe here if you know how, and read this if you don’t. It’s free, of course.

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