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All-American Football League

Posted by Doug on August 14, 2006

In this post from a few weeks ago, I offered some thoughts on the All-American Football League, a new pro league that will start up next spring.

Their website is now up and it's kind of interesting. There is a poll on the front page: ARE YOU IN FAVOR OF THE LEAGUE COLLEGE GRADUATION POLICY? It's running 70/30 in favor of yes right now, although there does not appear to be any mechanism for making sure people vote only once. There is a blog with hard-hitting entries like this one:

Are Football Prices out of Control?

Prices to attend college and professional football games continue to go up, up, up. Is it too expensive for families to go to games these days?

I also like this one:

Do you think it is important for players to be involved with local schools, youth teams and volunteer organizations?

It reminds me of the Little Miss Springfield pageant where, in the interview competition, Amber Dempsey was asked: "do you think the Bill of Rights is a good thing, or a baaaaad thing?"

We are asked to voice our opinion on instant replay, the overtime format, which universities ought to host the teams, and which players we would most like to see. There is actually a page for us to check boxes indicating which players we want to see in this league. It's a rather interesting group of 34 players, mostly from major colleges, ranging from fomer NFLers like Tim Couch, Akili Smith, and Trung Canidate to collegiate greats who had no NFL careers like Jason White and Eric Crouch. White, Crouch, and their ilk are obvious choices for this league, but it struck me as an odd collection of names, and it's unclear to me how this list was generated. I found it interesting that former Utah Ute wide receiver Paris Warren is on the list; he caught a touchdown pass for Tampa Bay on Friday. Also, I was shocked to learn that Freddie Mitchell has a college degree.

I kid, but I can't help but admit that I am fascinated by this league. I hope it succeeds.

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