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Super Bowl History at P-F-R

Posted by Doug on January 23, 2009

Brand New Super Bowl History Section at P-F-R

Fortunately for all of us, Justin Kubatko of fame is also a football fan. Like 47% of all football fans, he's a Steeler fan. So he's fired up about next weekend's big game, fired up enough that he took a short break from cataloging the exploits of Kobe and LeBron and, with a bit of help from me, put together a bunch of cool pages and tools that now constitute the most detailed and interconnected statistical Super Bowl History on the web.

Here's a quick tour...

Box Scores and gamelogs for Super Bowl I through XLII.

All-Time Leaders and Cumulative Team Standings

All Passes, Runs and Catches by every player in Super Bowl history, fully sortable.
For example: Bart Starr, Jerry Rice, Franco Harris, even The Fridge! These play-by-play logs are also linked from the player pages, just above their main stat table.

The Super Bowl Play Finder allows you to search for Super Bowl plays by a wide range of criteria. Here's just a sampling of the trivia you can find with this tool:

You can even use it to fashion yourself a play-by-play account of a given Super Bowl (here's XXXII, for instance). Unfortunately, these aren't as complete as they will someday be. For now, only rushes and pass plays are included. So no sacks, and no kicks. We will get those added at some point.

As always, there are likely a few bugs lurking within those pages. Let us know if you find them.

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