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Announcing the P-F-R podcast

Posted by Doug on February 18, 2009

You've read us. Now you can hear us!

Like p-f-r itself, the podcast will focus on stats and history. While researching our blog posts, we spend a lot of time wading through the database. And in so doing, we often run into some interesting players, teams, games, and so forth. So we decided to make note of them, jot down some facts, do a little more digging if necessary, and then talk amongst ourselves about these interesting discoveries while wearing fancy transmitting devices not unlike those worn (and thrown to the ground) by real NFL coaches.

The only thing I know for sure is that, if it's still around after a year or so, the format of the podcast will probably be something very different from what we're currently anticipating. But we've gotten around that by not anticipating anything in particular. We have a tentative format which I'll describe shortly, but let me just be clear that listener feedback will be the primary force that shapes the future of the podcast. If there's something you'd like us to try, we'll consider it. If there's aspect of the show that you particularly enjoy or don't enjoy, let us know. Whatever we enjoy doing and you enjoy listening to is what we'll do.

For now, we've got a format called one player, one team, one game. Chase, JKL, and I will each choose one player, one team (that is, a team-season), and one game from NFL history, and we'll spend a few minutes talking about why we find him/them/it interesting or meaningful.

Three items times three people makes nine segments in all. We had originally planned to get nine segments into a roughly-half-hour show, about three minutes per segment. When we actually started recording, we found that it was taking more like 10 minutes per segment, so we cut the first episode off after five segments and about 50 minutes. Here's the lineup:

Doug talks about Billy Howton
Chase talks about this Dolphins/Browns game from 1993
Doug talks about the 2002 Cleveland Browns
JKL talks about the 1948 Chicago Bears
Chase talks about Mark Brunell

And along the way we end up talking about a cast of characters that ranges from Don Hutson to Erik Kramer.

Sound interesting? You can listen by clicking on this blue text right here.

There's not yet an RSS feed or an iTunes hookup, but there will be. For now, we would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and opinions.

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