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Post your playoff ideas

Posted by Doug on December 4, 2006

Last Friday I made a case for USC, had they beaten UCLA, to get the title game berth over Michigan. It's not a coincidence that I left Florida out of that discussion. I knew that the Florida-Michigan question would not be so easily settled, so I just got lazy and gambled that I wouldn't have to deal with it.

It's very close, and I frankly haven't completely sorted out whether or not I think the right call was made. Fortunately, we've got what seems like several months to talk about it between now and the games, so I'll get around to posting my thoughts as soon as I figure out exactly what they are.

In the mean time, since it's on everyone's mind right now, let's make this the place where we post our proposals for an NCAA Division I football playoff. I only have one rule: before you post your scheme, you must declare whether it is a "if I were king of the world, this is the system I'd implement" proposal, or a "this is a workable system that could actually be agreeable to all parties concerned given the actual state of affairs we find ourselves in right now" proposal.

Submissions of both kinds are encouraged, but just so we can avoid all the cross-talk (which is similar to the will-he?/should-he? cross-talk in Hall of Fame discussions), I'll set up separate posts for each category. Post practical proposals here and pie-in-the-sky dreams here.