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Joey Galloway

Posted by Doug on May 7, 2007

If I had a vote for Most Underappreciated Player of All-Time (or at least in my memory), it would go to Joey Galloway. Consider this your annual reminder that Galloway is and has been a great wide receiver.

His numbers, at first glance, are fairly pedestrian. But I claim that he has played with the worst collection of quarterbacks of any receiver since the merger. Here is an estimate of the percentage of Galloway's passes that have come from various quarterbacks:

Quarterback      Est % of passes
Warren Moon           15.9
Quincy Carter         13.8
Rick Mirer            13.4
Chris Simms           11.5
Brian Griese           8.4
John Friesz            8.3
Jon Kitna              8.1
Bruce Gradkowski       6.2
Chad Hutchinson        5.3
Anthony Wright         2.1
Tim Rattay             1.9
Ryan Leaf              1.8
Brad Johnson           1.1
Clint Stoerner         1.0
Troy Aikman            0.4
Gino Toretta           0.3
Glenn Foley            0.2
Randall Cunningham     0.2
Stan Gelbaugh          0.0

Moon is an all-time great, but the two seasons Galloway played with Moon were when Warren was 41 and 42 years old.

And even forgetting that Chris Simms and Bruce Gradkowski have been responsible for getting him the ball for the last two years, Galloway is putting up some of the best numbers in history for someone his age. Here are the all-time leaders in receiving yardage during the age 34 and age 35 seasons combined.

                     REC   YD   TD
Cris Carter          186  2515  22
Irving Fryar         174  2511  17
Joey Galloway        145  2344  17
Tim Brown            167  2293  20
Rod Smith            164  2249  13
Drew Hill            164  2128   9
Henry Ellard         108  2019   7
Jimmy Smith          128  1977  10
Pete Retzlaff        106  1843  16
James Lofton          92  1784  12
Charlie Joiner       106  1733   7
Art Monk             117  1693  11
Frank Lewis           98  1687   6
Don Maynard           78  1463   6
Tony Martin           93  1430   5
Harold Jackson        74  1406   5
Marvin Harrison       95  1366  12
Jerry Rice           115  1332   9
Andre Reed           115  1331   6
Keenan McCardell     101  1310  10
Cliff Branch          69  1271   9
Nat Moore             89  1132  14
Ed McCaffrey          88  1098   2
Isaac Bruce           74  1098   3
Steve Largent         67  1048   5
JT Smith              80  1003   7

Now I'm not trying to claim that Galloway is the best-ever receiver of his age, only that he's among the best ever in his age group, and no one seems to notice.

Finally, remember that Galloway missed one and a half seasons in his prime because of a holdout and a knee injury. While it's probably not appropriate to take those sorts of things into account when evaluating his Hall of Fame case, it's worth remembering when using his career numbers to try to determine how good he was.

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