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Lots of college stats added to p-f-r

Posted by Doug on January 12, 2007

All players who debuted in 2001 or later and went to a Division IA college now have their college stats right there on their p-f-r pages. Check out Roy Williams, for example. On his page, you'll now see his complete college numbers.

If you click on a "games played" number, it will take you to his game logs for that season, so you can see that Roy ended the 2002 season with five straight 100-yard games. If you click on the team, it will take you to the full stats for that team, so you can see what Major Applewhite's numbers looked like before Chris Simms took his job.

I'm not sure how far I'm going to go with this, but one thing I know I'm going to add soon is week-by-week game scores to the team pages. Getting complete college statistics pre-2000 is going to be very unlikely, but I will continue to work to add what I can to this section.

Please be aware that that this is all very beta, but here is a good starting point if you want to poke around.

Thanks to p-f-r user Erik from Tacoma, WA, who helped immensely with organizing this data.

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