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Playoff trivia

Posted by Doug on January 19, 2007

This will be the second postseason meeting between the Saints and Bears; the first was a 1990 wildcard matchup won by the Bears. It will be the third meeting between the Colts and Patriots in the postseason; you're probably familar with the first two. Inspired by this post, I decided to see which franchises have matched up with each other most often the playoffs.

There are two pairs of franchises that have met 8 times in the playoffs. Who are they? There are five more who have met 7 times. Who are they?

I'll post answers sometime tomorrow or Sunday morning.

[Fine print: my database is complete back to the beginning of the NFL on playoff game scores, but there is some confusion (to me) about which games are officially counted as postseason games. The main issue is the third-place game that they used to play back in the day. I am counting those, although I'm fairly sure that failing to do so would only change one of the seven pairs above.]

Answers: Eight meetings: Giants/Bears and Cowboys/Rams. Seven meetings: Vikings/Rams, Giants/49ers, Bears/Redskins, Cowboys/49ers, Cowboys/Vikings (that counts one third-place game).

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