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Uniform Numbers!

Posted by Doug on June 10, 2009

This is was by far the most requested item to add to the p-f-r pages. We now have uniform numbers for most (not quite all) players since 1950. Jeff Blake, Lorenzo Neal, Vinny Testaverde, and Steve Bono now have much more colorful player pages.

These data were made possible by the research efforts of a group named 24-7 Baseball and the programming of's Justin Kubatko. We football fans are very appreciative.

Another small bit of site news: AV is starting to make its way onto the site, most notably at the draft pages and the college pages. Pages like that are essentially AV's raison d'etre. You have a big list of players, possibly from different positions and/or different eras, and you want to quickly sort those players in order of quality. AV isn't perfect, but it's the best single value to sort on if you want to quickly bring the best players up to the top of the page.