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The anatomy of a run

Posted by Doug on March 2, 2007

If you're in the market for a football podcast, you should check out the podcast: The Audible. During the season their coverage focused on fantasy football. Since then, they've been on-site at the Senior Bowl, the East-West Shrine game, and the combine covering draft prospects.

If you're a draftophile, all their stuff is worth listening to. But one that you'll definitely find interesting is their recent interview with Florida State running back Lorenzo Booker. The whole interview is interesting, as Booker appears to be an extremely impressive young man. In particular, though, there is a segment near the end where Booker describes what was going through his head during a particular run in a game against Notre Dame.

Here is the full interview if you want to listen to it (the Booker interview starts at about the 17-minute mark; the first part is an interview with financial advisor Robert Burks, who has as clients some NFL players and soon-to-be NFL players). Here is a transcript of Booker's description of the run. Read it and then watch the run.

As I'm running, I'm reading five different guys, and I'm reading their angles all at the same time. So, once you figure out a guy's angle, it's all about making him believe he's right.

And so from that standpoint I had made about three or four guys miss, and so I backed up out of the hole to kind of regain myself. I felt like I was in the hole and if I kept moving around someone was going to tackle me, so I backed up to kind of observe the whole situation again.

But as I backed up I felt like I was slipping. I knew the guy coming at me knew that I was slipping, but at the same time I knew that I could regain my balance at any time. So as I was backing up, I wanted to get him to the point to where he committed to the point to where he couldn't pull himself back.

And so once I stuck my foot in the ground it was over and the guy slid like he was a baseball player. The play was over after that.

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