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Offseason scoreboard

Posted by Doug on April 23, 2007

About this time last year, I posted a list of all 32 teams along with an estimate of the net effect of their player movement during the offseason.

The intro to that post will serve as a good one for this post too:

Most of the free agency dust has settled by now. If you’ve lost track of who’s where, check out this handy dandy player movement tracker at my other site, You can sort and sift the list based on a number of different criteria to get a feel for this offseason’s activity.

The tracker has a column labeled “Importance” that ranks each player on a scale of one to five. Nate Clements is a five. Sean Morey is a one. Tatum Bell is a three. These numbers are not scientifically determined and should only be used to place players into large buckets. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help running with an idea suggested by a footballguys message board poster named “Kleck.”

He suggested that we add up, for each team, the total “Importance” of the players acquired minus the total Importance of the players departing. This will give us an imprecise-but-generally-somewhat-reasonable measure of which teams have improved and which teams have declined. Here is the list, sorted from most improved to most declined:

And so here it is for 2007. If you mouse over a team, you can see the players of importance three or greater who were gained and lost.

TM    +   -   NET
NE   23   8   +15
TB   20   7   +13
DEN  25  12   +13
OAK  16   3   +13
HOU  20   9   +11
CLE  22  13    +9
ARI  22  13    +9
STL  18   9    +9
KC   14   7    +7
CAR  12   5    +7
SEA  11   6    +5
NYJ  10   6    +4
SF   15  13    +2
WAS  14  12    +2
ATL  17  16    +1
DAL  10  10    +0
JAX   7   7    +0
NYG   9  10    -1
PIT   4   6    -2
TEN  11  13    -2
GB    2   6    -4
PHI  12  16    -4
DET  20  25    -5
NO   12  18    -6
CHI   5  11    -6
SD    0   7    -7
MIN   8  17    -9
BUF   9  21   -12
BAL   4  18   -14
IND   4  18   -14
MIA  15  29   -14
CIN   4  23   -19

For what it's worth, last year's list had the Texans and Lions as the biggest gainers, and the Patriots, Colts, and Chargers as the teams suffering the greatest net free agent losses. Since those latter three were arguably the three best teams in the NFL last season, it's pretty clear that not too much should be read into this, but it's interesting to look at anyway.

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