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More Quinn thoughts

Posted by Doug on May 1, 2007

Are there really a significant number of people out there who think Cleveland did not get a great deal in trading up to nab Quinn, or are they just loud?

My theory is that people, either consciously or subconsciously, have a tendency to view trades as zero-sum. Most people think that Dallas made out very well on this deal, and I agree that they did. But that doesn't mean Cleveland didn't also achieve a net gain.

If, while Atlanta was on the clock at #8 and everyone thought Miami was going to take Quinn at #9, the Browns had swapped their second and next year's first to Atlanta for #8 and used it to take Quinn, it would have been considered a great move. If they had traded the same package on Saturday morning to Detroit for #2, and then drafted Thomas and Quinn back-to-back, it would have been viewed as outright theft. The result of the trade they did make is the same, but yet the Browns are being criticized for it by many.

The only way this makes sense is if Quinn's slide down the board changes your view of him as a prospect. Quinn is the same guy he was on Saturday morning, right?, the same guy that Cleveland was allegedly close to spending pick #3 on. Or is he? While he is literally the same guy, we now have more information about him. We did not know on Saturday morning, but we do know now, that Detroit, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, and Carolina (among others) didn't think he was worth taking.

So that's the question. Into which group do you fall:

1. I think that the hypothetical trade with Detroit would have been a good one, and I think the actual deal was also a good one.

2. I think that both the hypothetical trade with Detroit, and the actual trade were/would have been bad ones. I just don't think Quinn is any good.

3. Because of the extra information that I now have, I think the Detroit trade would have been good, but the actual trade was bad.

4. Because I am irrational and possibly also a slave to the pick value chart, I think the Detroit trade would have been good, but the actual trade was bad.

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