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Jason Witten

Posted by Doug on May 18, 2007

He had more receptions through his age 24 season than anyone in AFL/NFL history other than Randy Moss and Tony Gonzalez and is thus the final answer to yesterday's trivia question.

This gives me an excuse to hype a creation of mine that I really should hype more. The Historical Data Dominator over at can generate and/or answer countless trivia questions like yesterday's.

Here is the query that shed new light on Witten's career for me.

If you think Witten is "cheating" because he entered the league at 21, you can instead look at most receptions in the first four years of a career (regardless of age), where Witten ranks 29th, and fourth among tight ends.

It was this tool that a few years ago made me realize just how bad Joey Harrington is and made Chase wonder just how good was this Hokie Gajan guy anyway?

Could we make a Friday time-waster game out of this? Try to find the query with the most interesting or absurd results. My favorite is to generate queries that produce only all-time greats and then one guy who doesn't belong (or, better yet, just the guy who doesn't belong). For example:

The only player in NFL history aged 30+ to have at least 14 rushing TDs, at least one receiving TD, and at least 30 receptions

Only players in NFL history with at least 4600 rushing yards, 540 receptions, and 18 receiving TDs

It would, of course, be horribly wrong to use cherry-picked cutoffs like these in an honest analysis, but it's not wrong to cook them up for fun.

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