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I didn’t remember that he played for them

Posted by Doug on May 28, 2007

In browsing through the database, I constantly find myself looking at the career record of some all-time great and saying, "I forgot that he played for them." James Lofton played for the Rams? And the Eagles? Jim Taylor for the Saints? Todd Christensen for the Giants? In some cases, I knew it but had forgotten. In other cases, I don't think I ever knew.

Anyway, I've noticed that for some franchises, you can build whole teams of guys like this. So here is the game. For each franchise, build a team (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE) of players who:

1. played for that franchise;

2. only had 15% or less of their career total yardage with that franchise.

Given these constraints, which franchise has the best team? I've run a database query to get most of the answers, but it doesn't pick up a couple of situations:

1. players who will be playing for a new team in 2007 (e.g. Randy Moss in New England)

2. players who were with a team for a brief period but never played a game for them (e.g. Steve Largent with the Oilers at the beginning of his career or Jerry Rice with the Broncos at the end of his).

Maybe this will make a fun trivia game for your Memorial Day cookout.

Check your answers here.

And when you get done with that, you can play the opposite game: find a team of players, each of whom played only for the given franchise. You might be surprised at a lot of them. The Raiders' QB, for instance.

Answers here.

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