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Friday the 13th

Posted by Doug on July 13, 2007

I don't have offensive linemen or punters in my database, and I'm missing a few birthdates here and there, but those caveats aside, here is the full list of players who played in the NFL in 2006 and were born on a Friday the 13th:

  • Brad Johnson
  • Jason Craft
  • Landon Johnson
  • L.P. LaDouceur

In addition, the following players turned 13 years old on a Friday the 13th:

  • Michael Clayton
  • Jerramy Stevens
  • David Martin
  • Ahmard Hall
  • Sam Adams
  • Shaun Phillips

Now consider:

  • Michael Clayton sprained his knee in week 13 of last season and never again returned.
  • Brad Johnson's week 13 game included no TD passes and four interceptions. Although he did play in the following weeks, this game ultimately set in motion the chain of events that led to his benching. In fact, Johnson's TD/INT ratio is 11/12 in week 13 and 153/105 in all other weeks.
  • In his six years in the league, David Martin has only played in week 13 once. Only 17 of his 766 career receiving yards have come in week 13.
  • Sam Adams is incredibly fat.

But here is the clincher:

In week 13, Ahmard Hall had 2 rushes for 13 yards. That week, his Titans beat the eventual Super Bowl Champion Colts, but only just barely.

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