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What will the 2007 Cowboys tell us about Bill Parcells?

Posted by Doug on July 20, 2007

As careful readers of this blog will know, I am not a fan of Bill Parcells. I'll spare you the reasons for that, mainly because I don't even remember them very well myself, and make this a Friday Discussion Question instead of a Friday Rant.

Because of my anti-Parcells agenda, I have been vigorously rooting against the Cowboys for the last several years. Now that he's moved on, what's a hater to do?

If the Cowboys struggle, does that mean Parcells' influence was the only thing keeping them near .500? Or does it mean he did a crummy job of building the foundation of the team? If the Cowboys go to the Super Bowl, will that be because Parcells built a solid nucleus that Wade Phillips just had to not ruin, or because Phillips finally was able to get this talented team to play to its potentential, something it had not been able to do under the stifling Parcells regime?

In general, what --- if anything --- do we learn about a coach the year after he leaves? I'm sure it varies from case to case, but what kinds of things does it depend upon? What specific events, if any, could happen in Dallas this year that would change your opinion of the job Parcells did there?

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