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Bill Walsh and …

Posted by Doug on August 1, 2007

My friend Jene Bramel, a lifelong Bengal fan, has an interesting post over at the footballguys blog. Here's the intro:

Every team has their share of "coulda, shoulda, wouldas." Cleveland fans have The Fumble and The Drive. Raider fans are left to wonder about the Immaculate Reception, the Tuck Rule and Bo. Buffalo fans, well, let’s not dredge up those memories again. Bengal fans have their own painful memories. Pete Johnson stuffed on 4th and 1 or Lewis Billups dropping an interception in the end zone at crucial points in separate Super Bowls, Carson Palmer lying in a heap in a 2005 playoff game and any number of failed top draft picks. The passing of offensive innovator and former Bengal assistant coach Bill Walsh may have reminded long time Cincinnati homers of possibly the biggest what-could’ve-been in franchise history.

Read about the injury that changed football history.