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Meaningless week 3 trivia

Posted by Doug on September 24, 2007

1. The Patriots have scored exactly 38 points in each of the first three weeks. How often does a team score the same number of points in three straight games? Not too infrequently, it turns out. The Redskins did it last year in weeks six through nine with the rather odd score of 22 points. Prior to that, the last time it happened was in 2003, when the Ravens did it with three straight weeks of 26 points. The Giants also did (7 points) in 2003. It's happened 20 times since 1990. In all of NFL history, only the 2000 Broncos, and now the 2007 Patriots, have scored exactly 38 points for three straight weeks.

Not since the 1990 Raiders has a team scored the same total for four consecutive weeks.

2. I was intrigued by the Seahawks' pass distribution yesterday:

                    Rec  Yd TD
Deion Branch          6  77 1
Nate Burleson         6  76 1
Bobby Engram          5  62 1

So I went searching for games where a team's top three receivers all scored a TD and had yardage within 15 yards of each other. Since 1995, I found only three:

bal 1997, week 16
Eric Green            3  59 1
Michael Jackson       4  56 1
Derrick Alexander     2  47 1

kan 1999, week 17
Kevin Lockett         3  69 1
Joe Horn              4  62 1
Tony Gonzalez         6  56 1

min 2000, week 15
Cris Carter           7  66 1
Randy Moss            4  63 1
Johnny McWilliams     5  53 1

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