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Re-run: Favre vs. Marino

Posted by Doug on October 4, 2007

Since I don't have anything else to post today, and since Favre is breaking one of Marino's records every week, I might as well post a link back to this post from a few months ago where I analyzed their careers at length. Readership of this blog obviously drops in the offseason, so some of you may have missed it the first time around.

My conclusion was as follows:

My vote


Marino has slightly, but clearly, better numbers. Marino’s ability to avoid sacks adds to that edge a little bit. Marino’s failure to win a ring shouldn’t enter into it at all. The only reasonable argument for Favre, in my view, is that he would have posted better numbers than Marino had he had Marino’s supporting cast. It’s going to be subjective, as always, but the objective parts of the argument are so close that I really can’t fault anyone for voting for Favre on that basis.

Four games, no matter how good or bad, probably shouldn't change a decision made on the basis of 240 games, but if it was close before (which it was), then it's just a tad closer now.