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Checkdowns: Eagles with three Pro Bowl QBs

Posted by Chase Stuart on September 23, 2009

With Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia on the roster, Philadelphia has three QBs who made a Pro Bowl at some point in their careers. Thirty-six times in NFL history has a team rostered three quarterbacks who made a Pro Bowl either before, during, or after their stint with their current team. The most recent example was in San Diego earlier this decade. The first time it happened has already been discussed by Jason in the inaugural PFR podcast.

The list:

2004	sdg	Drew Brees
2004	sdg	Doug Flutie
2004	sdg	Philip Rivers

1997	was	Gus Frerotte
1997	was	Trent Green
1997	was	Jeff Hostetler

1994	crd	Steve Beuerlein
1994	crd	Jim McMahon
1994	crd	Jay Schroeder

1992	sfo	Steve Bono
1992	sfo	Joe Montana
1992	sfo	Steve Young

1989	min	Rich Gannon
1989	min	Tommy Kramer
1989	min	Wade Wilson

1989	sfo	Steve Bono
1989	sfo	Joe Montana
1989	sfo	Steve Young

1988	min	Rich Gannon
1988	min	Tommy Kramer
1988	min	Wade Wilson

1987	chi	Doug Flutie
1987	chi	Jim Harbaugh
1987	chi	Jim McMahon

1987	min	Rich Gannon
1987	min	Tommy Kramer
1987	min	Wade Wilson

1986	min	Steve Bono
1986	min	Tommy Kramer
1986	min	Wade Wilson

1985	min	Steve Bono
1985	min	Tommy Kramer
1985	min	Wade Wilson

1984	min	Tommy Kramer
1984	min	Archie Manning
1984	min	Wade Wilson

1983	min	Tommy Kramer
1983	min	Archie Manning
1983	min	Wade Wilson

1976	ram	Pat Haden
1976	ram	James Harris
1976	ram	Ron Jaworski

1974	rai	George Blanda
1974	rai	Daryle Lamonica
1974	rai	Ken Stabler

1974	ram	John Hadl
1974	ram	James Harris
1974	ram	Ron Jaworski

1974	was	Sonny Jurgensen
1974	was	Billy Kilmer
1974	was	Joe Theismann

1973	rai	George Blanda
1973	rai	Daryle Lamonica
1973	rai	Ken Stabler

1972	rai	George Blanda
1972	rai	Daryle Lamonica
1972	rai	Ken Stabler

1971	rai	George Blanda
1971	rai	Daryle Lamonica
1971	rai	Ken Stabler

1970	rai	George Blanda
1970	rai	Daryle Lamonica
1970	rai	Ken Stabler

1969	buf	Tom Flores
1969	buf	James Harris
1969	buf	Jack Kemp

1969	kan	Len Dawson
1969	kan	Tom Flores
1969	kan	Mike Livingston

1968	rai	George Blanda
1968	rai	Cotton Davidson
1968	rai	Daryle Lamonica

1958	det	Bobby Layne
1958	det	Earl Morrall
1958	det	Tobin Rote

1958	pit	Len Dawson
1958	pit	Bobby Layne
1958	pit	Earl Morrall

1957	phi	Al Dorow
1957	phi	Sonny Jurgensen
1957	phi	Bobby Thomason

1957	pit	Len Dawson
1957	pit	Jack Kemp
1957	pit	Earl Morrall

1952	was	Sammy Baugh
1952	was	Harry Gilmer
1952	was	Eddie LeBaron

1951	crd	Jim Hardy
1951	crd	Charlie Trippi
1951	crd	Frank Tripucka

1950	bcl	George Blanda
1950	bcl	Adrian Burk
1950	bcl	Y.A. Tittle

1950	chi	George Blanda
1950	chi	Sid Luckman
1950	chi	Johnny Lujack

1950	crd	Jim Hardy
1950	crd	Charlie Trippi
1950	crd	Frank Tripucka

1949	chi	George Blanda
1949	chi	Sid Luckman
1949	chi	Johnny Lujack

1949	ram	Bobby Thomason
1949	ram	Norm Van Brocklin
1949	ram	Bob Waterfield

1948	chi	Bobby Layne
1948	chi	Sid Luckman
1948	chi	Johnny Lujack

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