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Sneak peek at the new p-f-r

Posted by Doug on November 9, 2007

I've made vague allusions to this before, but the time has finally come to tell all (or at least tell most).

P-f-r has recently acquired a lot of new data. In particular, we will soon have a page for every player and coach in NFL/AFL/AAFC/APFA history, including old-timers who barely played at all, including defensive players and offensive linemen, and even punters. Those pages will also include some additional stats that we don't currently have, like games started, specific position played (e.g. RDT as opposed to just DL), times sacked, fumbles, fumble recoveries, interceptions, sacks, defensive TDs, kick and punt return data, and more. Also, all stats will be complete for all players, so some of the annoying gaps at p-f-r will be filled. Kordell Stewart's receiving stats, Walter Payton's passing stats, Tom Tupa's punting numbers, Williams Perry's rushing, all a player's stats will appear on his page.

We'll also have some additional biographical information, such as height, weight, birthdate, birthplace, full name, draft round, draft year, and all colleges attended for all players. We'll have all-pro designations in addition to the pro bowl information we already have. We'll have Hall of Fame information.

We'll have much more detailed team stats, including team game logs. Here, for example, is a summary of the 1972 Dolphins' 12th win:

Miami Dolphins 37, New England Patriots 21, at New England
                      mia        nwe
First downs            29         14
Rushes                 51         15
Rush yards            304        110
Passes                 21         29
Completed              11         15
Pass yards            201        155
Had intercepted         2          2
Sacked                  1          4
Yards lost              4         48
Tot net yards         501        217
Fumbles - lost       1- 1       0- 0
Pen - yards        11-115      6- 63

And it will all be hyper-connected in the natural way that has been the hallmark of the sports-reference sites since the beginning.

It's finally time to pull back the curtain on a very preliminary set of player pages. I'm doing this because I'm excited about the future of the site, and I can't hold it in any longer, and also to get feedback from you. So here you are:

An incomplete index of player pages

Season, career, and active leaderboards

UPDATE: here is a link to a temporary front page where you can track all the progress of the new site.

In order to contrast the difference between the current and future player pages, check out Deion Sanders (new old), Mike Singletary (new old), Brian Mitchell (new old), Jackie Slater (new old), Ray Guy (new (there is no old)).

The team pages and everything else at the site will be revamped to a similar degree in the coming weeks. For now, let me know what you think of the player pages and leaderboards. A few things to keep in mind:

  • The links to team pages, year pages, game logs, etc. aren't working yet.
  • I know many will be disappointed to see the old-school p-f-r pre-formatted text tables replaced by html tables. I am too, a little, and I do understand that the tables will take a little getting used to. But there are lots of good reasons to use html tables rather than pre-formatted text, and the main reason I went with pre-formatted text when the site was new --- to keep the page sizes smaller --- isn't much of an issue anymore.
  • The pieces of the current pages that you don't see on these new pages, like college stats, college awards, and fantasy stats, will be added back in soon.