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Keeping track of the changes

Posted by Doug on November 12, 2007

As I mentioned last week, p-f-r is about to undergo a radical change for the better. Prototypes of new pages are going to start coming quickly, so I'm going to be posting here, probably several times a week, to point you to the rough drafts of the new pages and point out new features. The main goal is to get your feedback. If you see something amiss, we obviously need to know about that so we can get it cleaned up. If you have an idea for a feature to add, there is no better time than now to throw it out there. Even if I don't respond to every suggestion, rest assured that we are reading and considering them all. (At some point in the near future, I'll even explain this mysterious "we" that I keep using).

For today, here is the master list of coaches, with links to a page for each coach in NFL history.

Note that the master table is sortable. Click on a header and watch the table sort itself according to that column. Also note that you can click on CSV at the bottom of the page to convert the table to raw comma-delimited text for easy importing into whatever you want to easily import it into. These two table features, by the way, are now in place at the player pages as well.