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More new features

Posted by Doug on November 20, 2007

1. There is now a makeshift front page where you can keep track of the progress.

2. The non-NFL leagues (i.e. the APFA, AAFC, and AFL) have been added. Here is the 1947 AAFC, for instance.

3. From each league page, you can click on "Week-by-Week Games" at the top to get a week-by-week log of the season. Here is the 1998 NFL.

4. Near the top of each league page is a drop-down box that allows you to select a stat category and get a list of all the players' numbers in that category in that year. This, along with the sortable columns, allows you to easily discover facts like: Willie Belton was 21st in the league in kick return yards in 1972.

We're actually not too far from the grand opening of New P-F-R. Exciting stuff.

Feedback still welcome. Post it in the comments.

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