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Random Trivia: touchdown scoring

Posted by Doug on November 26, 2007

As I was perusing Deion Sanders' page at the new p-f-r, I noticed that he had scored touchdowns on kick returns, punt returns, fumble returns, and interception returns. How many players have done that? In addition to Sanders, five: Woodley Lewis, Lemar Parrish, Goldie Sellers, Rod Woodson, and the guy who will be the answer to the following trivia question.

Sanders also has receiving touchdowns, making him one of 13 players in NFL history to score in five of the six categories (rush, receive, kick return, punt return, fumble return, interception return). The other 12 were all finished playing by 1971.

But Deion never got a rushing touchdown. Who is the only player in NFL history to score a TD in all six categories?

ANSWER UPDATE: As was quickly guessed in the comments, Bill Dudley is the guy. As was also pointed out in the comments, Dudley also had passing TDs and one "other TD." Finally, if you count postseason games, then Deion did indeed score in all six categories. Thanks to all commenters for their contributions.

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