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Defining Moment of the Weekend: Broncos @ Bears

Posted by Chase Stuart on November 27, 2007

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Here’s my vote for the Samsung HDTV Defining Moment of the Weekend. If you like it, please vote here saying you do:

With a 4-6 record, Chicago knew that a home loss on Sunday would all but eliminate the Bears from the 2007 post-season. Chicago was down by seven at halftime, before Devin Hester returned a punt 75 yards to tie the game. Later in the third quarter, Hester broke another tie with an 88 yard kick return to the house. Two more Denver scores left Chicago down 14 with just over five minutes remaining. The Bears would close the gap to seven, before getting the ball back with 2:58 to go, on the Chicago 35 yard-line. With just 32 seconds remaining, the Bears had reached the Denver three yard-line.

On 4th and goal, Rex Grossman came to the line of scrimmage in a single back set with two receivers to his left, and Bernard Berrian split to the right. Denver showed blitz with eight in the box, and sent all eight off the snap of the ball. Grossman took a one step drop, pump faked, and then lobbed a pass into the end zone where All Pro cornerback Champ Bailey was covering Berrian.

The throw was near the right sideline, causing Berrian to turn around just before the ball arrived. Grossman’s pass was short, but Berrian came back to the ball, dragged his left knee, extended both hands, and caught it just before it hit the ground. He cradled his left hand under the ball, while dragging his right sneaker, maintaining possession throughout. The booth reviewed the catch, and it was clear that Berrian’s reception was as legal as it was exceptional. It may turn out to be the defining moment of the season for the Bears, who would win in overtime on a 39-yard field goal by Robbie Gould.

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