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Checkdowns: NFL Standings… eBay-Style?

Posted by Neil Paine on October 19, 2009

That's right, fans, forget about those silly wins and losses... They're so passe compared to what's being tracked in these "standings" sent to us by PFR reader Aidan Henry. Aidan explains:

"I'm a huge stat junkie. This is why I got my company to make an NFL team merchandise scoreboard. It's based on the last 30 days of eBay data (we are an eBay data company) and it updates daily. The scoreboard shows divisional standings as if they were based on total sales. Average ticket prices and jersey prices are also given."

It's also perhaps the only set of standings on earth where you'll see the Raiders ranked ahead of the Colts. So I guess that's two pleasant surprises in a week, Oakland fans... Enjoy.

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