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Big game trivia

Posted by Doug on December 10, 2007

A trivia quiz in honor of the latest new p-f-r feature. How many of these can you get right without peeking?

Most 100-yard rushing games in a career (fill in the blanks)

1. Emmitt Smith
2. Walter Payton
3. Barry Sanders
4. Eric Dickerson
5. _____________
6. Jim Brown
7. Curtis Martin
8. _____________
9. Franco Harris
10. Thurman Thomas

ANSWERS: 5 = Bettis, 8 = Edge James

Most 300-yard passing games in a career (fill in the blanks)

1. Marino
2. Favre
3. _____________
4. Moon
5. Manning
6. Montana
7. Warner
8. ______________
9. Elway
10T. _____________
10T. _____________
10T. _____________

ANSWERS: 3 = Fouts, 8 = Bledsoe, 10 = Testeverde, Trent Green, and Kerry Collins

Most 100-yard receiving games in a career

1. Rice
2. Harrison
3. Moss
4. ________________
5. ________________
6. Jimmy Smith
7. Holt
8. Owens
9. Lofton
10. _______________

ANSWERS: 4 = Don Maynard, 5 = Michael Irvin, 10 = Isaac Bruce

Bonus questions

In NFL/AFL history, there have been three teams that had six different players record a 100-yard receiving game. What three teams?

ANSWERS: 2003 Chiefs (Blaylock, Gonzalez, Hall, Holmes, Kennison, Morton), 1988 Dolphins (Banks, Clayton, Duper, Edmunds, Jensen, Schwedes), 1984 Chargers (Chandler, Duckworth, Holohan, Joiner, Sievers, Winslow)

In NFL/AFL history, only one team has had five different players record a 100-yard rushing game. Who?

ANSWERS: 1978 Chiefs (Mark Bailey, MacArthur Lane, Ted McKnight, Arnold Morgado, Tony Reed)

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