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PFR Re-Launch!

Posted by Sean on December 18, 2007

Tell your neighbors! Tell your friends! Just in time for the Playoffs we've rolled out the new site.

We hope you enjoy the new look. We're a running around squashing bugs, so don't be shy letting us know if something doesn't look right, or if you just want to say, "Huzzah!" (or "Boo!").

New Features:
All tables are now sortable. Just click on the header you want to sort.
League Registers.
Team Registers.
Player Registers for all common stats.
Complete Player stats back to the 1930's.
Some Draft Info.
More Leaderboards.
Frivolities like today's birthdays and who was born where.
More college info.
Improved Search Engine.

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Known issues:
The 2007 stats are incomplete for kickers, punters, linemen, etc. And don't have 100% coverage for some other stats.
Rookies don't have any personal info (hence Gaines Adams is 137 years old).
Longest pass, etc. is not set for 2007
The sponsorship system doesn't look like the new site.
Our logo stinks
We've lost the college stats register for players who haven't appeared in the NFL.