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11,945 box scores

Posted by Doug on February 20, 2008

It's going to take some time to properly integrate all this into the site, but I couldn't wait any longer to unleash it on the masses:

11,945 pro football boxscores. That's every game played in the NFL, AFL, or AAFC from 1940 through 2007.

As should be clear from the URL and the lack of formatting, these are not yet in their permanent homes, so be prepared to move your bookmark if you set one. There are a few gaps: we don't have team stats for postseason games, and even in regular season games there are a few holes in the team stat tables, especially in the earlier years. And for 1995 forward, I will soon be adding full individual stats. Still, if you're like me you can have a lot of fun at the above link as is.


EDIT TO ADD: Following the lead of MattyP in the first comment, everyone should find the first NFL game they attended and post a link to it. Here's mine: Sept 20, 1992, Texas Stadium: Cowboys 31, Cardinals 20. I did not remember that Michael Irvin had three TD catches. What I do remember is that we were seated directly behind Missouri Tiger basketball legend and at-the-time Dallas Maverick Doug Smith.

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