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College Bowl Pool 2009–2010

Posted by Doug on December 18, 2009

NOTE: up-to-date standings can be found right here.

All new rules this year, so listen close.

For every game, you pick a team and you name your own point spread. The only catch is that the point spread you name must be worse than the official point spread (listed below). For example, Alabama is a 4.5-point favorite over Texas. If you take Alabama, you have to lay more than 4.5 points. If you take Texas, you have to take less than 4.5. If your team wins against the spread you named, you are credited with the difference between the official spread and the spread you named. For example, if you take Alabama -5.5 (and they cover), you get 1 point. If you take Alabama -10.5 (and they cover that), you get 6 points. If you take Texas +3.5 and they cover, you get 1 point. If you take Texas -3 and they cover that, you get 7.5 points. There is no limit, so you can take Texas -30 if you want, for a potential 34.5 points.

For BCS games, your score (as computed above) is multiplied by 3. For non-BCS games that kick off on January 1 or later, your score is multiplied by 2. Total points wins.

As usual, the grand prize is honor and glory, and possibly some sort of trinket to be named later.

Since your entry will be read by a computer program and not a human being, it's important to pay close attention to the how-to-enter guidelines below.

Each game will be listed in this format:

Alabama -4.5

This means Alabama is a 4.5 point favorite. Note that the lines are fixed forever. If the line moves later, that doesn't matter. For the purposes of this contest, the line will stay at 4.5.

First, cut and paste the list below into the comment box. Then, to make your pick for each game, do the following: (1) delete the team you are not picking, (2) delete the official point spread if necessary, (3) put the number of points you wish to move the line next to the team you're picking.

For example, if you want to move the line from Alabama -4.5 to Alabama -7.5, which would get you 3 points, you would enter it like this:

Alabama 3

If you want to take Texas -10, for 14.5 points, you would enter:

Texas 14.5

Now delete the blank lines and your final entry, which you'll post in the comments, should look something like this:

Oregon State 7
Utah 2
SMU 4.5
Ohio 15
Texas 3

Here are the official point spreads for this contest. Note that, because of my tardiness in posting this, we will skip the three weekend games and start the contest with Tuesday night's game.

Oregon State -2.5

Cal -3.5

Nevada -15

Ohio -2.5

Pitt -3
North Carolina

Boston College
USC -9

Clemson -7.5

Texas A&M
Georgia -7


Miami -4

Bowling Green -1.5

Arizona -1.5

Houston -4
Air Force

Oklahoma -8

Missouri -6.5

Minnesota -2.5
Iowa State

Virginia Tech -4.5

Auburn -7

West Virginia -2
Florida State

Penn State -2.5

Ohio State
Oregon -4

Florida -11.5

South Florida -7
Northern Illinois

South Carolina -4.5

Oklahoma State
Ole Miss -3

Arkansas -8
East Carolina

Michigan State
Texas Tech -8.5

Boise State
TCU -7

Georgia Tech -4

Central Michigan -3.5

Alabama -4.5

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