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AV All-Franchise Teams: NFC West

Posted by Doug on June 19, 2008

Just for fun, I decided to use my Approximate Value method to come up with a post-merger all-franchise team for each franchise. I'll post them by division.

Here are the rules:

1. The AV systems gives a player a score for each player season. To combine these into a career number, I take 100% of the player's best season, plus 95% of his second-best season, plus 90% of his third-best season, and so on.

2. I'm only comfortable (for now) applying the AV methodology to post-merger seasons. Players who debuted before the merger, however, are included if their post-merger seasons alone merit inclusion. In this case, they have a '+' after their AV score to remind you that their career AV is (probably) higher than the number shown.

3. To avoid 4-3/3-4 issues, I gave each defense 12 players, including two DT/NTs, two DEs, two OLBs, and two ILB/MLBs.

4. Because of the slippery and changing nature of defining what a fullback is, I simply decided to go with two RBs, instead of an RB and an FB.

As with most things AV-related, this series of posts is mostly just for fun, but I'm also curious to hear feedback from long-time followers of the teams about things that look fishy.

St. Louis / Arizona Cardinals

QB   Jim Hart              87+
RB   Ottis Anderson        68
RB   Terry Metcalf         53
WR   Roy Green             66
WR   Mel Gray              63
TE   Jackie Smith          46+
T    Dan Dierdorf          86
T    Luis Sharpe           74
G    Conrad Dobler         43
G    Bob Young             42+
C    Tom Banks             58 

DT   Eric Swann            44
DT   Bob Rowe              40+
DE   Ron Yankowski         43
DE   Michael Bankston      38
ILB  Eric Hill             47
ILB  Ronald McKinnon       43
OLB  E.J. Junior           52
OLB  Mark Arneson          51
CB   Roger Wehrli          96+
CB   Aeneas Williams       82
SS   Tim McDonald          39
FS   Kwamie Lassiter       27

Los Angeles / St. Louis Rams

QB   Jim Everett           67
RB   Marshall Faulk        88
RB   Lawrence McCutcheon   73
WR   Isaac Bruce           98
WR   Torry Holt            93
TE   Bob Klein             34+
T    Orlando Pace          96
T    Jackie Slater         92
G    Tom Mack              71+
G    Dennis Harrah         64
C    Doug C. Smith         63 

DT   Larry Brooks          77
DT   Merlin Olsen          76+
DE   Jack Youngblood      122
DE   Fred Dryer            77+
ILB  Jack Reynolds         69
ILB  Carl Ekern            52
OLB  Isiah Robertson       90
OLB  Jim Youngblood        57
CB   LeRoy Irvin           69
CB   Todd Lyght            54
SS   Dave Elmendorf        71
FS   Nolan Cromwell        71

San Francisco 49ers

QB   Steve Young          129
RB   Roger Craig           85
RB   Garrison Hearst       58
WR   Jerry Rice           151
WR   Terrell Owens         81
TE   Brent Jones           67
T    Harris Barton         79
T    Keith Fahnhorst       78
G    Randy Cross           75
G    Guy McIntyre          56
C    Jesse Sapolu          66 

DT   Bryant Young          92
DT   Michael Carter        67
DE   Tommy Hart            63+
DE   Cedrick Hardman       58
ILB  Mike Walter           46
ILB  Frank Nunley          43+
OLB  Keena Turner          59
OLB  Charles Haley         55
CB   Ronnie Lott          101
CB   Jimmy Johnson         71+
SS   Tim McDonald          49
FS   Merton Hanks          60

Seattle Seahawks

QB   Dave Krieg            78
RB   John L. Williams      74
RB   Shaun Alexander       68
WR   Steve Largent        103
WR   Brian Blades          58
TE   Itula Mili            22
T    Walter Jones          90
T    Steve August          47
G    Chris Gray            45
G    Edwin Bailey          42
C    Robbie Tobeck         34 

DT   Cortez Kennedy        98
DT   Joe Nash              77
DE   Jacob Green           80
DE   Jeff Bryant           70
ILB  Fredd Young           40
ILB  Lofa Tatupu           35
OLB  Chad Brown            55
OLB  Keith Butler          50
CB   Dave Brown            62
CB   Patrick Hunter        40
SS   Kenny Easley          64
FS   Eugene Robinson       67

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