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Some new features at p-f-r

Posted by Doug on June 21, 2008

As I alluded to earlier, by-distance breakdowns of (most) kickers since 1960 have been added. We did this primarily because George Blanda's page didn't have enough stuff on it already.

Also, for each franchise, we've added a nifty little grid that shows the team's starting lineup for each season. I think these pages are fun to just get lost in, but they're also handy if you want to, say, quickly see how many pro bowl linemen Eric Dickerson played with while on the Rams (answer: lots).

Finally, we've added for each franchise a complete list of pro bowlers and first-team all-pros who earned those honors while playing for that franchise. Here are all Dolphin all-pros and pro bowlers, for example.

Both of these last two are available from any franchise's main index page.

While I've got you here, I may as well hint at some more sports-reference news: within the next month or so, we'll be launching a brand-new site. It's not, although we're making some progress on that as well and there is no reason to expect we won't meet our "Coming in 2008" projection. It's something new. As always, I'll keep you up to date right here at the p-f-r blog.

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