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AV All-franchise teams: AFC North

Posted by Doug on July 11, 2008

Just for fun, I decided to use my Approximate Value method to come up with a post-merger all-franchise team for each franchise. I’ll post them by division.

Previous Divisions:

NFC West
NFC South

Here are the rules:

1. The AV systems gives a player a score for each player season. To combine these into a career number, I take 100% of the player’s best season, plus 95% of his second-best season, plus 90% of his third-best season, and so on.

2. I’m only comfortable (for now) applying the AV methodology to post-merger seasons. Players who debuted before the merger, however, are included if their post-merger seasons alone merit inclusion. In this case, they have a ‘+’ after their AV score to remind you that their career AV is (probably) higher than the number shown.

3. To avoid 4-3/3-4 issues, I gave each defense 12 players, including two DT/NTs, two DEs, two OLBs, and two ILB/MLBs.

4. Because of the slippery and changing nature of defining what a fullback is, I simply decided to go with two RB/FBs, instead of an RB and an FB.

As with most things AV-related, this series of posts is mostly just for fun, but I’m also curious to hear feedback from long-time followers of the teams about things that look fishy.

Baltimore Ravens

QB   Vinny Testaverde      24
RB   Jamal Lewis           54
RB   Priest Holmes         17
WR   Travis Taylor         24
WR   Qadry Ismail          22
TE   Todd Heap             39
T    Jonathan Ogden       100
T    Orlando Brown         30
G    Edwin Mulitalo        27
G    Jeff Blackshear       21
C    Mike Flynn            32 

DT   Kelly Gregg           47
DT   Tony Siragusa         33
DE   Rob Burnett           48
DE   Michael McCrary       47
ILB  Ray Lewis            123
ILB  Ed Hartwell           26
OLB  Peter Boulware        60
OLB  Adalius Thomas        52
CB   Chris McAlister       72
CB   Duane Starks          23
SS   Ed Reed               61
FS   Rod Woodson           45

Cincinnati Bengals

QB   Ken Anderson         121
RB   James Brooks          71
RB   Corey Dillon          54
WR   Chad Johnson          73
WR   Isaac Curtis          67
TE   Rodney Holman         55
T    Anthony Munoz        137
T    Willie Anderson       86
G    Max Montoya           64
G    Dave Lapham           46
C    Bob Johnson           50+

DT   Tim Krumrie           65
DT   Mike Reid             47
DE   Eddie Edwards         61
DE   Ross Browner          51
ILB  Jim LeClair           59
ILB  Glenn Cameron         45
OLB  Reggie Williams       74
OLB  James Francis         44
CB   Ken Riley             89+
CB   Lemar Parrish         77
SS   David Fulcher         52
FS   Darryl Williams       30

Cleveland Browns

QB   Brian Sipe            74
RB   Greg Pruitt           68
RB   Mike Pruitt           56
WR   Reggie Rucker         46
WR   Webster Slaughter     39
TE   Ozzie Newsome         81
T    Doug Dieken           78
T    Cody Risien           64
G    Robert E. Jackson     48
G    Dan Fike              40
C    Tom DeLeone           48 

DT   Michael Dean Perry    71
DT   Jerry Sherk           65
DE   Rob Burnett           41
DE   Carl Hairston         37
ILB  Mike Johnson          47
ILB  Dick Ambrose          43
OLB  Clay Matthews         90
OLB  Charlie Hall          51
CB   Hanford Dixon         68
CB   Frank Minnifield      64
SS   Walt Sumner           31+
FS   Thom Darden           55

Pittsburgh Steelers

QB   Terry Bradshaw       106
RB   Franco Harris        101
RB   Jerome Bettis         65
WR   John Stallworth       80
WR   Hines Ward            72
TE   Bennie Cunningham     40
T    Larry Brown           68
T    Jon Kolb              67+
G    Alan Faneca           80
G    Sam Davis             48+
C    Mike Webster         100 

DT   Joe Greene           120+
DT   Gary Dunn             52
DE   L.C. Greenwood        95+
DE   Dwight White          65
ILB  Jack Lambert         114
ILB  Levon Kirkland        71
OLB  Jack Ham             119
OLB  Greg Lloyd            89
CB   Mel Blount           111
CB   Rod Woodson          104
SS   Donnie Shell          89
FS   Glen Edwards          50