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Super Bowl III Play by Play

Posted by Chase Stuart on January 20, 2010

With another championship game coming up between the heavily favored Colts and the brash, young Jets (with a coach named Ryan on the sidelines), I decided to pop in my Super Bowl III DVD and provide a running play by play of the game. This blog has never done a full play-by-play report of a game before, and I think it's fitting that we start with a game that was played over 40 years ago. I'll warn you in advance that this is not intended for those who crave short, thought-provoking or exciting reading. In fact, this post is almost certainly bad. If you're okay with that, grab your popcorn.

Super Bowl III Boxscore

"NBC Sports presents the third AFL/NFL World Championship Game.... the Super Bowl. The American Football League champions the New York Jets against the National Football League champions, the Baltimore Colts.... at the Orange Bowl."

Your sponsors for the game: Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge, Schlitz, Gilette (selling the new adjustable, Techmatic razor) and TransWorld Airlines.

72 degrees, 15 mile per hour winds, 20% chance of rain.

Curt Gowdy is our play by play man, with Kyle Rote and Al DeRogatis to provide analysis.

The Apollo 8 astronauts are honored are being honored before the game, and lead the pledge of allegiance before the national anthem. Yes, the nation was captivated as three men said the pledge of allegiance before the Super Bowl. One of the members on the backup crew for Apollo 8 was Neil Armstrong, who would become the first man to talk on the moon six months later. (But even Gowdy didn't know this yet.)

Joe Namath and Johnny Sample (the ex-Colt) are the captains for the Jets; Preston Pearson, Johnny Unitas and Lenny Lyles are the captains for the Colts. New York won the toss; Baltimore to kick off.

Starting lineups:

New York Jets Starting Lineup

Baltimore Colts Starting Lineup

First Quarter

Baltimore kicks off; Jets return it to the 23.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 23: Jets shift the center and right tackle before the snap; run Snell up the middle to the weak side for three.
2nd and 7 at the NYJ 26: Jets again come out in a pro-set, two RBs, TE and two WRs. Snell straight up the middle, good blocking for the Jets; gain of eight yards.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 34: First handoff of the game to Boozer; loss of three yards on a sweep to the right.
2nd and 13 at the NYJ 31: Jets continue to come out in the same set; one WR on each side, TE on the offense's right, and the two backs close together, behind the quarterback. Namath drops back for his first pass, Snell (lined up as the right halfback) runs up the middle and Namath throws to him for nine yards.
3rd and 4 at the NYJ 40: Namath drops back, draw to Snell, loss of two yards.
4th and 6 at the NYJ 38: Jets punt, Colts get tackled at their own 22, but there's a flag. Off-sides on the Colts. Gowdy tells us he thinks it will still be fourth down for the Jets even with the penalty. The ref goes over to measure, and the Jets are half a yard short. Snell tries to convince the ref that it should be a first down, but to no avail. The Jets accept the penalty, and have 4th down and a half yard to go.

The Jets decide to punt again, the Colts get a slightly better return, and take over at their own 27.

1st and 10 at the BAL 27: Colts come out in a pro set. Morrall drops back to pass, and hits Mackey in the flat as Morrall's safety valve; he gets good YAC, and gains 19 yards.
1st and 10 at the BAL 46: Colts line up in the I; shift the FB to line up next to the TE; pitch to Matte, and he bulls over for 10 yards. So far, two plays, and the Colts are in Jets territory with two first downs. The Colts come with real power, according to DeRogatis.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 44:Colts line up with both WRs on the weak side; handoff to Jerry Hill who slips away from a tackle in the backfield and instead gains 7; missed tackle by Verlon Biggs but Jim Hudson makes the stop. Gowdy reminds us that Baltimore looks overpowering on offense.
2nd and 3 at the NYJ 37: Slot right, Jimmy Orr is the nearside slot back; FB dive with Matte gaining one yard.
3rd and 2 at the NYJ 36: Triple-TE set, with two running backs. Hill runs to the strong side and gains five yards.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 31: Colts come back out with two RBs, two WRs and a TE. Morrall hands off on a sweep to Hill, but Gerry Philbin shoots across the line and dumps him for a three-yard loss. Each team has passed just once in each game.
2nd and 13 at the NYJ 34: Morrall goes deep to Orr on the offense's left, but Randy Beverly is there; the pass falls short.
3rd and 13 at the NYJ 34: Matte the lone set back, Morall drops back, throws the same pattern as the previous play and completes it to Tom Mitchell.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 19: Orr lines up wide to the right side; Morrall drops back, pumps to the right, turns left, goes back right and throws incomplete to Richardson by the right sideline.
2nd and 10 at the NYJ 19: Colts are back in the I; then they shift to a single back set; Morrall drops back but the Jets pass rush gets in there; Mitchell the intended man but the rushed throw falls short. Larry Grantham pressured from the weak side.
3rd and 10 at the NYJ 19: Six minutes left in the first quarter. One-back set; Morall drops back, pump fakes, is nearly sacked, somehow escapes, and then charges ahead for a one-yard gain.
4th and 9 at the NYJ 18: Lou Michaels comes in for the field goal, but he pushes it wide right. The crowd booes lustily.

We now have our first commercial since the game started.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 20: Namath drops back, is pressured, throws to his right and it lands incomplete.
2nd and 10 at the NYJ 20: Jets come out with three receivers; Maynard is split wide, Sauer is on the near side, Lammons in the slot. Namath drops back, good protection, goes to his near side and finds Lammons for two yards over the middle.
3rd and 8 at the NYJ 22: Namath finds Mathis over the middle for a thirteen-yard gain; Colts have a relatively exotic blitz and almost get to Namath. We're told that Lombardi and Gillman say Namath is one of the quickest passers they've ever seen, according to Gowdy.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 35: The first big play of the game (almost). Namath drops back and goes deep to Maynard, one of the great deep threats in league history. He had a couple of steps on his defender, but Namath threw it 55 yards in the air and slightly overthrew him. Maynard was too hurt to be effective today, but the Jets wanted the defense to have to respect Maynard's deep speed. That would be one of the only times all day the Jets would throw deep to Maynard, but the damage with the decoy had been done.
2nd and 10 at the NYJ 35: A two step drop for Namath with a quick slant in to Sauer.
3rd and 4 at the NYJ 41: Namath overthrows Sauer to the offense's left; the Jets are forced to punt.
4th and 4 at the NYJ 41: Brown catches the punt on his 21, great blocking by the Colts as Brown runs left, with Snell making a game-saving tackle.

We're treated to an inexplicably bad commercial that looked like a joke but is apparently an add by Motts announcing that they no longer just make good apple sauce, but make Clamato Juice, which is what you get when you put a clam and a tomato together. I hope this recap doesn't look as awful.

1st and 10 at the BAL 42: We come back and NBC shows us our old hero, Johnny Unitas, standing on the sidelines. Back to the game; Morall drops back, finds Mackey over the middle but he drops it. Looks like he was planning where he wanted to run instead of focusing on catching the ball. Gowdy reminds us that Mackey roomed with the late Ernie Davis at Syracuse. Morrall is 2 for 6.
2nd and 10 at the BAL 42: Colts have two WRs on the right side, and go with an inside hand-off to Hill for three. Ralph Baker with the stop.
3rd and 7 at the BAL 45: Three WR, one-TE set; Jets get a good rush but the Colts line holds; Morall throws a bomb to Richardson, but Sample bats it away. Gowdy says that Richardson is just like Otis Taylor of the AFL's Chiefs, and Jason yells loudly at the TV while inside the womb.
4th and 7 at the BAL 45: A high, but short kick takes a terrific bounce as the Jets can't down it; it rolls and rolls, finally stopping at the Jets four-yard line.

Here comes another commercial. The great Plymouth sale, brought to you by Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 4: Vince Lombardi is in attendance, his first Super Bowl in the stands. The Jets come out with both RBs a yard inside of their own end zone. The handoff is to Snell, and the line pushes the Colts back well; a gain of four.
2nd and 6 at the NYJ 8: Ewbank is on the sideline with his hand on Emerson Boozer's shoulder, who is kneeling on the ground. No explanation given. Namath drops back but it's a draw to Snell to the offense's right; he gains five.
3rd and 1 at the NYJ 13: Colts have a six man line, and Namath throws a quick three-yard out to Sauer; it looks like he drops it, but the call on the field is a fumble. I'm pretty sure he didn't make a football move, but I'm just as confident that the officials could care less. The first turnover of the game.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 12: The Colts come out with two WRs to the offense's left; sweep to that side to Hill, who loses a yard. End of the first quarter.

We're told to buy an RCA TV, and the producers have no idea what that will mean to Colts fans one day.

Second Quarter

2nd and 11 at the NYJ 13: Morrall threw TD passes in 14 of 16 games this year. The announcers smell one coming. Sweep to Matte to the left, he fakes inside, runs outside, and gains seven yards. Matte looks very good today. An old Toby Gerhart, if you will.
3rd and 4 at the NYJ 6: The Colts have to deal with the goal posts in the end zone; they're only a few yards away. Morrell throws a slant in to Mitchell, but the ball bounces off of his hands and high into the air; Randy Beverly makes the timely grab in the end zone.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 20: Colts have seven men close to the line; the Jets run to the offense's weak side for a yard with Snell.
2nd and 9 at the NYJ 21: Snell, the up back, powers up the middle for seven.
3rd and 2 at the NYJ 28: Namath barks out the signals. The Colts crowd the line. Namath hands off to Snell who bounces outside and gains the first down; he's tackled out of bounds for six yards, with Lyles in on the tackle.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 34: Jets again in the pro set. Namath calls a draw to Snell, who runs left again, this time for twelve. Gowdy reminds us that Snell has recovered beautifully from his knee surgery. They're going to give him a breather and bring Bill Mathis in.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 46: Namath with the fake draw, but the Colts don't bite; Sauer is double covered and the pass is nearly intercepted. Snell is shown with the oxygen mask on the sideline.
2nd and 10 at the NYJ 46: Colts bringing almost everyone to the LOS; Maynard to the right, Sauer to the left; Colts blitz, Namath dorps back and just gets it off in time to the RB, Mathis, who sprints for six yards. Namath does a nice job waiting just long enough for the linebackers to get past Mathis before he throws it away.
3rd and 4 at the BAL 48: Namath fires a bullet across the middle to Sauer. Sauer puts a double move on no one in zone coverage, but jumps up and makes a key first down reception.
1st and 10 at the BAL 34: A quick out to Sauer again, and Lyles almost picks it off. But he was a split second too late, and Sauer makes the grab and runs for a few more yards.
1st and 10 at the BAL 23: Hand-off to Boozer, who spins ahead for two yards.
2nd and 8 at the BAL 21: Another Colts blitz, and again a pass in the flat to the RB; this time it's Snell, who cuts back inside and rushes ahead for twelve; he's fumbled as he tackles, but he recovers it. Namath again reads the Colts blitz well, according to Gowdy and DeRogatis.
1st and 9 at the BAL 9: Another handoff to Snell, right up the middle for five.
2nd and 4 at the BAL 4: The Colts bring in their goal-line defense. DeRogatis says it will be tough to run on up the middle on this front, and the slants may be more effective. The Jets run again to the offense's left, with a handoff to Snell; great bocking by the Jets, and Snell runs around the edge for a touchdown. Gerry Philbin is one of the first Jets to greet Snell in the end zone. DeRogatis says that was the slant he was talking about. Jim Turner with the PAT, and the Jets are up 7-0.

Our first in-game commercial for Winston cigarettes; Winston tastes good like a cigarette should, or so the commercial says.

Jets kick off to Pearson, who returns it up the middle to the 28-yard-line. This is not followed by a commercial.

1st and 10 at the BAL 28: Colts line up strong to the right; Morall play fakes to the right, rolls right, throws deep right to Richardson, who is doubled teamed. The ball sails out of bounds. 8:27 left in the first half.
2nd and 10 at the BAL 28: Morrall with a quick drop to Matte, who breaks several tackles and runs ahead for 30 yards. The replay shows Matte catches it in the slot, goes to the sideline, making one defender look silly, and then powers through several players.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 42: Three WR set, and the Colts run Hill the FB up the middle for four.
2nd and 6 at the NYJ 38: Matte in motion in the backfield, the Colts give it to him on a sweep, but he's tackled at the line of scrimmage.
3rd and 6 at the NYJ 38: Matte drops back, throws a deep pass to Mackey twenty yards down the field, but he can't hold on. For the third time today, the Jets have stopped Baltimore in Jets territory. We're told Lou Michaels is a good long kicker, and he comes in for a 46-yarder; the kick is up but no good, as he pushes it right.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 20: Handoff to Boozer, the deep back, up the middle for a gain of one.
2nd and 9 at the NYJ 21: "This game is being seen in Mexico and Canada." The Colts blitz, Namath pumps to the right, where Maynard is going deep, but then he throws it to the offense's left for a big gain to Sauer. Replay shows Sauer makes a nice inside cut before going on a fade route deep to the outside.
1st and 10 at the BAL 44: Snell's the deep back, and he runs a power sweep to the offense's left for nine yards. The Jets continue to attack the Colts' right side (the offense's left), and away from star LB Mike Curtis and DE Bubba Smith.
2nd and 1 at the BAL 35: Second and a foot; quick handoff up the middle to Snell, who gains three.
1st and 10 at the BAL 32: Quick snap, Namath drops back, airs it deep to Maynard but they can't connect. The announcers talk about how good of a job Boozer is doing blocking.
2nd and 10 at the BAL 32: Namath one-hops a pass to Bake Turner. Bad pass, could have been a nice eight-yard gain.
3rd and 10 at the BAL 32: The Colts blitz gets through, Namath is hit; he tries to run up the middle to gain some yardage, but is still sacked for a loss of two.

4th and 12 at the BAL 34: Jim Turner is in for a 41-yard field goal, with Babe Parilli are the holder. Turner's kick is up and to the left (and possibly short).

Still 7-0, Jets.

1st and 10 at the BAL 20: Don Shula has the best record in pro football the last six years, Gowdy mentions. His team has won ten straight. Morrall finds Willie Richardson on a slow-to-develop out route for six yards. The Jets are overshifting to Philbin's side on their blitzes.
2nd and 4 at the BAL 26: A sweep to Matte, who runs outside, cuts inside, breaks some tackles and then runs free for a huge gain. As he's tackled, ex-Colt Johnny Sample tackles him but they have some words. Replay shows Hudson with the key missed tackle. After the game, Matte would claim that Sample intentionally stepped on his groin after the tackle. The 58-yard run was the longest in Super Bowl history. It would stand that way for fifteen years, until Marcus Allen's 74-yard touchdown run against the Redskins. Thanks in part to that run, Matte remains the only player in SB history to average over 10 YPC for the game.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 16: Can the Colts tie the game before the half? Matte goes to the sidelines to take a breather; run up the middle to Hil for one.
2nd and 9 at the NYJ 15: A key play: Morrall drops back, looks over the middle, throws to his right but Johnny Sample is there with the pick. He then stuffs the ball in (the intended receiver's) Willie Richardson's facemask. The announcers laugh at this, and do not say how despicable it was. Replay shows Sample did a nice job of reading the QB, and cutting in front of Richardson at the last second.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 2: Run up the middle to Snell, gain of two. The Jets end zone is covered in shadows.
2nd and 8 at the NYJ 4: Jets come out with three WRs; Colts show blitz, Jets run Snell again up the middle for three.
3rd and 5 at the NYJ 7: We're told that Baltimore was not held scoreless in the first half of any game this year; they're the only pro team to ever win 15 games in a season. Gowdy is very surprised with how this game is unfolding. A draw to Snell gains nothing, and the Jets are forced to punt.
4th and 5 at the NYJ 7: The Jets send off a high punt to Timmy Brown; the Colts had a 10-man rush and nearly block the punt. Is it roughing the kicker? It is, but the Jets are also called for illegal procedure. Those are off-setting penalties, so the Jets re-kick with just under a minute left in the half. Baltimore has a 9-man rush this time, and nearly block it again; Brown catches it at the 46, runs horizontally for a bit and gains four yards.

45 seconds remain in the half. Can the Colts score?

1st and 10 at the NYJ 42: Orr wide to the left, Richardson to the right. Morrall drops back, and finds Hill in the flat for a gain of one. Colts call timeout with 25 seconds left.
2nd and 9 at the NYJ 41: Shula dips into his bag of tricks. Morrall and Shula talk for the length of the timeout. What have they got cooked up? Morrall hands off to Matte on a sweep right; he throws it back to Morrall. Jimmy Orr is wide open deep at the 10-yard line, but Morrall throws it to Jerry Hill on the right side of the field, instead. He's covered well and Jim Hudson gets the pick. Morrall will never live down not seeing his primary read wide open for the score. The interception ends the first half.

Jets 7, Colts 0

Third Quarter

Jim Simpson interviews Bob Hope before the start of the first half. Hope is shocked by what the Jets are doing today; Hope says he was a Baltimore supporter but thinks the Jets forgot to read the papers. Hope is very happy that his Ohio State boys -- Snell and Matte -- are doing well. (And because I know you need this sort of information: Hope would one day become one of the few non-band members to dot the 'i' in Script Ohio.)

The lights are on; it's overcast and getting darker, Gowdy tells us. Brown returns the kickoff to the 25-yard-line.

Quick review of the first half: The Jets hold the edge in first downs, 10-6. The Jets have outgained the Colts by sixteen yards.

1st and 10 at the BAL 25: Sweep to Matte around the right side, and it looks like another big gain but the ball pops loose. Ralph Baker recovers, and the Jets get a break on the opening play of the first half. Briggs may have been the one to force the fumble, and he had great backside pursuit.
1st and 10 at the BAL 33: Draw to Boozer, who scrambles to the left for eight.
2nd and 2 at the BAL 25: Jets play it safe; Namath hands off to Snell behind the right guard for a gain of four.

ALERT: Johnny Unitas is beginning to warm up on the sidelines.

1st and 10 at the BAL 21: Namath fakes to Snell and hands off to Boozer around the edge, but Mike Curtis is in on the tackle. Gain of two. Curtis, an All-AFL star and podcast favorite, has been quiet today. We now see footage of Unitas warming up.
2nd and 8 at the BAL 19: Namath drops back, and looks for Snell in the flat. Snell is open and makes a five-yard gain, with Curtis and Boyd in on the tackle. We're told that Namath is doing a great job of finding his backs and beating those linebackers; that's his fifth completion to a back.
3rd and 3 at the BAL 14: Jets run up the middle with Snell, for another key first down. An effective, if not an original, play.
1st and 10 at the BAL 11: The Colts have been called one of the greatest defensive teams of all-time. Can they live up to their reputation? Sweep to Boozer, but the Colts burst through the line; Boozer breaks some tackles but is strung out to the edge, and ends up losing six yards.
2nd and 16 at the BAL 17: Namath drops back, but Bubba Smith beats his man and takes Namath down for the sack. Replay shows that Bubba abuses Herman, and the big drop by Namath allows Smith to rush outside and around Herman for the sasck.
3rd and 24 at the BAL 25: Namath has time and looks for Pete Lammons for a ten yard gain, but Jerry Logan breaks in front of him. Logan has a clean field ahead of him for the pick-6, but drops the pass.
4th and 24 at the BAL 25: Turner comes in for the 32-yard field-goal. It's good. 10-0, Jets.

Commercial. We're told it takes months to brew a Schlitz (you just can't rush quality like this), but only a moment to enjoy it. "When you're out of Shlitz, you're out of beer."

Jets kickoff to the Colts; Baltimore returns it to the 26-yard-line.

1st and 10 at the BAL 26: Unitas has been warming up but Morrall is still in there. Matte is in the slot to the right; Morrall drops back, gets good protection, goes long and has Mackey deep but overthrows him. Hudson was trailing Mackey, but Morrall could have had Mackey on a long gainer. Gowdy tells us he's 5/16 with three interceptions.
2nd and 10 at the BAL 26: Morrall drops back, Jets blitz, and Morrall dumps it off to Hill for a short loss. Grantham with a great job reading the play and making the tackle.
3rd and 11 at the BAL 25: Jets rush only four, good protection but no one is open; Morrall is forced to run away, and safety Jim Hudson lays a big hit on him as he reaches the LOS.
4th and 11 at the BAL 25: Another shot of Unitas warming up. NBC wants a QB controversy. Baltimore gets a long punt, and the Jets are stopped at their own 32.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 32: Gowdy tells us that Unitas has his helmet on; he'll probably be in on the next series. Namath drops back and finds the RB (Mathis) for a short screen pass.
2nd and 8 at the NYJ 34: Maynard to the right, Sauer spread left. Namath drops back and fires a bullet to Sauer near midfield; Sauer gave a good outside move to Lyles and then cut back inside; Namath and Sauer showing good chemistry.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 47: Namath pump fakes left and then goes deep to Maynard on the right! Maynard's got a step, but the ball sails a bit and lands incomplete.
2nd and 10 at the NYJ 47: Draw to Boozer for three yards, where he's tackled violently by veteran tackle Billy Ray Smith. The MVP of the game will get a hot red convertible, we're told.
3rd and 6 at the BAL 49: Namath fires a quick pass to Lammons over the middle for a big first down. Namath takes a five step drop and then quickly hits his TE curling inside.
1st and 10 at the BAL 38: Quick screen pass to Maynard, but he can't hold on. Looks to me like Joe's trying to get his star receiver at least one reception in this game. It won't end up happening.
2nd and 10 at the BAL 38: Namath is starting to get hot. He takes a seven step drop, leans backwards and looks right but fires over the middle to Snell for a big gain.
1st and 10 at the BAL 24: Namath drops back but it's a draw; Baltimore smells it out, and stops Mathis after a gain of one.
2nd and 9 at the BAL 23: DeRogatis tells us that Namath is going with the long count, eating up a lot of clock, and keeping the chains moving by hitting his RBs. Namath fires a bomb into the end zone to Maynard who catches it but was over the end line. Great catch but the ball had traveled too far. Namath was injured on the play, and Parilli is in. Anyone smell a run?
3rd and 9 at the BAL 23: Parilli throws the quick slant to Sauer that Namath has done all day, but the pass falls woefully short. Please let Joe be okay, thinks every Jets fan. NBC shows Namath pacing up and down on the sideline shaking his right hand; it looks like hes injured his throwing wrist.

4th and 9 at the BAL 23: Turner boots a 40-yard field goal. 13-0 Jets. The crowd is booing.

We come back from commercial and we see Namath on the phone talking to his coaches upstairs. Looks like he's going to be okay. Jets kickoff high and deep, and hits the upright -- automatic touchback.

ALERT: Unitas is coming into the game. Gowdy tells us it's ironical that the young fellow Namath came out hurt and now the old man Unitas is coming in. Yes, he said ironical. DeRogatis tells us how great Unitas is and how he can really move an offense.

1st and 10 at the BAL 20: Handoff to Matte, who rumbles ahead for six.
2nd and 4 at the BAL 26: Fake handoff to Hill and Unitas finds Matte in the flat; Larry Grantham reads it well and nails Matte for a loss.
3rd and 5 at the BAL 25: Jets have 15 first downs, the Colts just 6. Unitas drops back, sees Orr on the left sideline but it's incomplete. Gowdy notes how the ball was very wobbly, and DeRogatis says one of his lineman bumped into Unitas, and prevented him from stepping into the pass the way Unitas likes.
4th and 5 at the BAL 25: Colts punt, the Jets call for the fair catch at their own 37.

We see a very odd, suggestive commercial between a blonde, Swedish barber giving a shave to a man with a straight razor. He tells her to stop, because he's so spoiled by using his Gilette razor.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 37: Namath has a sprained right thumb but is in. Namath hands it to he up back, Snell, who bulls straight ahead for three. Rote says the Jets need to stick with the power running game; the Colts have tremendous lateral movement on defense, and the Jets really just need to drive them back. It sounds like Rote is announcing the 2009 AFC Championship game.
2nd and 7 at the NYJ 40: Namath wants to go deep; he sees fake safety blitz and goes up top to his left, but overthrows Sauer.
3rd and 7 at the NYJ 40: Colts blitz, but a quick slant to Sauer. He makes the catch and fumbles, but the refs say he was down. Rote says Namath called the slant play from a quick count, which means he anticipated that Colts defense. Rote's impressed.
1st and 10 at the BAL 49: Namath with a deep dro back, and he flings it deep to Sauer. This time he connects, for 39-yards. Namath's arm even looks impressive in this grainy film. His Sauer perfectly in stride, who had changed the pace of his route and caught Lyle waiting for a juke inside. Sauer now has 9 for 147.
1st and 10 at the BAL 10: Back to the ground game; Snell off right tackle for four.

That's the end of the third quarter. Gowdy tells us the Jets completely outplayed the Colts this quarter, and there's only one quarter left in this 1969 AFL/NFL Championship game.

Jets 13, Colts 0.

Fourth Quarter

Pat Summerall is in attendance! Gowdy says the Jets held the ball for 75% of the previous quarter, and the Colts did not gain a single first down. Namath is 17 of 28 and as been masterful.

2nd and 6 at the BAL 6: The Colts have a nine man front ready for the run, but Curtis jumps off-side.
2nd and 3 at the BAL 3: Sweep outside to Snell; it looks like there's room, but he mostly runs laterally for no gain.
3rd and 3 at the BAL 3: Fake outside, run inside to Mathis, who can only gain half the distance. The Jets want to make it a two-score game, and they send in Jim Turner.

This close to the goal posts, being so far wide on the hash mark makes this tough for Turner. But Turner knocks it through, his third FG of the game.

Jets 16, Baltimore 0.

On the ensuing kickoff, the Colts looks like they're going to take the touch back from five yards deep, then at the last minute decide to run it out for an exciting 32-yard return.

1st and 10 at the BAL 27: Baltimore has not crossed the 50-yard line in this half. Unitas finds Mackey (who has the most powerful thighs in pro football, we're told) on the edge for a five-yard gain.
2nd and 5 at the BAL 32: Unitas hands off to Matte on another sweep; the Colts blocking once again looks strong running to the right, and Matte gains seven.
1st and 10 at the BAL 39: That's their first first down of the half; quick drop by Unitas, and he finds Richardson on the sideline for five. Johnny Sample makes the tackle on the Baltimore sideline, and a fight nearly erupts. The players on the Colts sideline do not like Sample, and one of them takes a swing at him.
2nd and 5 at the BAL 44: Sweep right to Matte and he's got great burst; he runs beautifully for 19-yards. He's clearly the star of the game for the Colts and is having a tremendous game.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 37: Unitas hands off to Hill who also knfies through the heart of the Jets defense; Philbin had jumped offsides, but the Colts decline the penalty and take the 12-yard gain.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 26: Unitas looks to Richardson on a short out-right, but the throw is far off; Unitas is now three of five on the game.
2nd and 10 at the NYJ 26: 11:14 remain; Orr flanked to the left; Unitas drops back, looks left, goes for Orr in the end zone, but Randy Beverly has it covered perfectly. He read Unitas the whole way and stepped just in front of Orr at the last minute. Orr's double-move on Beverly looks nice but fails to do the job. Touchback, Jets. That's the Jets fourth interception of the day.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 20: "You may be sitting in on one of sports' greatest upsets in history," says Gowdy. Draw to Boozer for two, tackled by Curtis.
2nd and 8 at the NYJ 22: "To Vietnam are going some of the outstanding stars of football. They'll be visiting out troops next month." Run up the middle for two.
3rd and 6 at the NYJ 24: Under ten minutes to go; quick pitch to Boozer and he runs around the edge for the first down. DeRogatis says this was a huge first down which lets the Jets hold the ball for another two minutes; it's also the first pitch out the Jets have run all day, and DeRogatis was impressed with Sauer's blocking.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 31: A sweep to Snell on the left, and he powers through the Colts defense. Baltimore is clearly getting frustrated and defense, and had trouble tackling Snell on that one. After a ten-yard gain, the Colts are also flagged for a late hit penalty.
1st and 10 at the BAL 44: Straight ahead behind the center goes Snell for seven yards; the interior line of the Jets has been killing the Colts all game. DeRogatis again notes how Namath continues to milk the clock for the Jets. Snell is now over 100 yards.
2nd and 3 at the BAL 37: Run up the middle to Boozer for two. Shula looks up at the clock; he is not pleased. He said before that game "if we lose this game the whole season is ruined."
3rd and 1 at the BAL 35: Run up the middle to Mathis, but Lou Michaels (who jawed with Namath in the week preceding the game) stuff the play for a loss of one.
4th and 2 at the BAL 36: Turner comes in for the long kick, which fades just left. The score remains 16-0.

At this point, we lose some of the video feed. Here's what we missed:

1st and 10 at the BAL 20: Unitas to Mackey, broken up by Grantham.
2nd and 10: Unitas to Richardson, overthrown.
3rd and 10: Unitas to Mackey, overthrown.
4th and 10 at the BAL 20: Unitas to Orr for 17.
1st and 10 at the BAL 37: Unitas to Richardson, overthrown.
2nd and 10 at the BAL 37: Unitas to Richardson, overthrown.
3rd and 10 at the BAL 37: Unitas to Mackey for 11. New York penalized 15 for personal foul.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 37: Matte runs left for 1.
2nd and 9 at the NYJ 36: Unitas to Richardson for 21.

Now, my video feed is back.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 15: Unitas to Matte, overthrown.
2nd and 10 at the NYJ 15: Gowdy tells us that the Colts were last shut out in 1965 by the Bears; Unitas is now six for 15. Unitas to Orr for 11; Beverly is concerned about the deep pass, and lets Orr run a simple underneath route. The Jets are hit with a personal foul penalty after the play.
1st and G at the NYJ 2: Run up the middle to Matte for no gain, but the Jets are flagged for being offsides.
1st and G at the NYJ 1: Unitas with a keeper up the middle to the half-foot line.
2nd and G at the NYJ 1: Another handoff to matte; he tries to leap into the end zone but is pushed back. He loses a foot.
3rd and 1 at the NYJ 1: An inside sweep to Jerry Hill and the Colts are finally in the end zone. The Jets goal line stand fails, but they did make the Colts chew up more clock. The Colts were shut out until 3:19 left in the game, Gowdy notes. He also notes that the two-point option is not in effect in this game.

Jets 16, Colts 7.

Tuesday evening, NBC brings you President Johnson's farewell address to Congress.

The Colts go for the onsides kick, and recover! Baltimore has the ball at the Jets 44. Tom Mitchell is the hero, and the crowd erupts.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 44: "As long as Unitas is in there, this isn't over yet." Unitas drops back and hits Richardson on the sideline for six. Sample jaws with Richardson, the Colts sideline, and the ref after the play. The clock is stopped after Richardson went out of bounds with exactly three minutes remaining.
2nd and 4 at the NYJ 38: Unitas barks out the signals. He drops back and finds Orr up top for a fourteen yard gain on a slant route. Unitas still has a gun, even at his advanced age.
1st and 10 at the NYJ 24: Unitas back to the right sideline to Richardson, for five. He's getting hot.
2nd and 5 at the NYJ 19: Unitas again attacks Sample, but this time Sample reads the play; he cuts in front of Richardson and nearly intercepts the pass. Richardson was running a deep post and Sample did a nice job of cutting off the route at the last second.
3rd and 5 at the NYJ 19: Unitas drops back, looks for his RB in the flat, then goes to his second read (Orr) but the pass is way underthrown.
4th and 5 at the NYJ 19: Last chance for the Colts. Three wide receiver set; Unitas drops back, Orr cuts inside but Unitas throws outside. He was double covered, anyway, and the pass falls incomplete. The Jets begin to celebrate.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 29: Rote talks about what an outstanding job the Jets linebackers have done in this game; it's like they're playing with seven defensive backs, he says. Namath with a quick handoff to Snell, who plows ahead for one. Snell's uniform is very muddy. The Colts call their first timeout.
2nd and 9 at the NYJ 21: Snell runs right through several defenders, picks up six yards on the second effort, and the Colts call their second timeout. Snell has 106 yards.
3rd and 3 at the NYJ 27: Snell seals the game; he runs right on a pitch outside for four yards, and we've hit the two-minute warning.

You can take Salem out of the country, but you can't take the "country" out of Salem.

1st and 10 at the NYJ 31: As we come back from commercial, NBC zeroes in on Morrall. "He was the player of the year in the NFL, was 6 of 17 today, removed in the third period, and Unitas came in. But Morrall had quite a year for the Colts. If it wasn't for him the Colts wouldn't have won the NFL championship." Gowdy goes on: "They said that Namath, who put himself in the spotlight by talking all week, would have to have a perfect game to win it, and he nearly did. He's called a heady game, he's read the Baltimore's tricky, sophisticated defenses and he has his team in position." Handoff right to Snell (surprised?) for two.
2nd and 8 at the NYJ 33: The clock continues to run.... Namath lets it roll all the way down and takes a delay of game.
2nd and 13 at the NYJ 28: DeRogatis with a good observation; "We've said all game that Joe Namath has used the outstanding running of Snell to the weak side; in this series, however, Namath is going into the teeth, the strength of the Colts defense. Billy Ray Smith, Bubba Smith and Mike Curtis." DeRogatis doesn't say why he's doing it, but the Jets have clearly shifted which way they're running. Namath hands off to Snell for one.
3rd and 12 at the NYJ 29: Namath takes another delay of game. "Well, the Jets have done it. They'll win $15,000 a piece; Baltimore $7,500." Twenty-two seconds remain. "Baltimore was anywhere from 18 to 22 point favorites; they were ridiculing the Jets and the AFL; they were called one of the greatest teams in pro football history. And Joe Namath has just been named MVP of the game, and rightly so."
3rd and 17 at the NYJ 24: Sweep outside to Snell, who wisely stays in bounds. Fifteen seconds remain, and the Colts call their last timeout. "Remember the AFL beat the NFL 13 times to 10 in the pre-season, now they said those were only exhibitions, but with the common draft the gap has been closing, and we're seeing it here today."
4th and 14 at the NYJ 27: The Jets punt to the Baltimore 34.

1st and 10 at the BAL 34: Unitas looks Richardson's way again, but overthrows him. Four seconds to go.
2nd and 10 at the BAL 34: Unitas finds Richardson, and Sample tackles him to end the game.

The Jets storm the field. Ewbank and Shula meet in the middle of the field for a brief handshake and hug. Shula was one of Ewbank's favorite players when he coached Shula in Baltimore. "They said it would be years before the AFL would play a close game, and they almost shut out the Colts today."

If anyone's still reading this, I hope you had half as much fun reading this as I did writing it. If you didn't, it certainly says more about me than you.

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