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AV all-franchise teams redux: NFC

Posted by Doug on September 2, 2008

Just for fun, I decided to use my Approximate Value method to come up with a post-merger all-franchise team for each franchise.

Throughout the dog days, I had been posting these by division, and I had been limiting these lists to post-merger players. But after six divisions were done, I revamped the AV formula to include seasons in the 1950--1969 range. So I'm going to post all the teams in two posts. This one is the NFC edition. Here is the AFC.

Here are the rules:

1. The AV systems gives a player a score for each player season. To combine these into a career number, I take 100% of the player’s best season, plus 95% of his second-best season, plus 90% of his third-best season, and so on.

2. I’m only comfortable (for now) applying the AV methodology to seasons 1950 and later. Players who debuted before 1950, however, are included if their post-1950 seasons alone merit inclusion. In this case, they have a ‘+’ after their AV score to remind you that their career AV is (probably) higher than the number shown.

3. To avoid 4-3/3-4/5-2 issues, I gave each defense 12 players, including two DT/NTs, two DEs, two OLBs, and two ILB/MLBs. I have also now lumped all safeties together instead of distinguishing between free and strong safeties.

4. Because of the slippery and changing nature of defining what a fullback is, I simply decided to go with two RB/FBs, instead of an RB and an FB.

5. What to do with players whose position was "End" in the 50s. Are they tight ends? Wide receivers? To deal with this problem, I've lumped TEs, WRs, and Es of all years into one category, which I've called 'RC' (ReCeiver), and I'm allowing four of them per team. After all, if the defense is playing with 12, I should allow the offense the same luxury.

As with most things AV-related, this series of posts is mostly just for fun, but I’m also curious to hear feedback from long-time followers of the teams about things that look fishy.

Here they are:

Arizona Cardinals

QB   Jim Hart              95
RB   Ottis Anderson        68
RB   Ollie Matson          57
RC   Jackie Smith          76
RC   Roy Green             66
RC   Mel Gray              63
RC   Bobby Joe Conrad      54
T    Dan Dierdorf          86
T    Luis Sharpe           75
G    Ken Gray              79
G    Irv Goode             48
C    Bob DeMarco           62

DT   Bob Rowe              50
DT   Eric Swann            44
DE   Joe Robb              45
DE   Leo Sugar             45
ILB  Dale Meinert          58
ILB  Eric Hill             47
OLB  Larry Stallings       68
OLB  Bill Koman            54
CB   Roger Wehrli          98
CB   Aeneas Williams       82
S    Larry Wilson          95
S    Jerry Stovall         52

Atlanta Falcons

QB   Steve Bartkowski      69
RB   William Andrews       68
RB   Warrick Dunn          50
RC   Terance Mathis        57
RC   Jim R. Mitchell       53
RC   Alfred Jenkins        53
RC   Alge Crumpler         49
T    Mike Kenn            100
T    Bob Whitfield         69
G    Bill Fralic           54
G    R.C. Thielemann       47
C    Jeff Van Note         77

DT   Mike Lewis            50
DT   Travis Hall           40
DE   Claude Humphrey       84
DE   Jeff Merrow           52
ILB  Jessie Tuggle         74
ILB  Tommy Nobis           63
OLB  Greg Brezina          68
OLB  Don Hansen            49
CB   Rolland Lawrence      69
CB   Deion Sanders         47
S    Scott Case            47
S    Ray Brown             45

Carolina Panthers

QB   Steve Beuerlein       44
RB   DeShaun Foster        28
RB   Tim Biakabutuka       25
RC   Muhsin Muhammad       63
RC   Steve Smith           54
RC   Wesley Walls          49
RC   Mark Carrier          21
T    Jordan Gross          32
T    Chris Terry           23
G    Matt Campbell         20
G    Mike Wahle            17
C    Frank Garcia          27

DT   Kris Jenkins          55
DT   Brentson Buckner      30
DE   Julius Peppers        61
DE   Mike Rucker           55
ILB  Sam Mills             36
ILB  Dan Morgan            30
OLB  Kevin Greene          32
OLB  Lamar Lathon          31
CB   Eric Davis            35
CB   Chris Gamble          25
S    Mike Minter           55
S    Deon Grant            22

Chicago Bears

QB   Ed Brown              51
RB   Walter Payton        127
RB   Neal Anderson         60
RC   Mike Ditka            63
RC   Johnny Morris         49
RC   Curtis Conway         38
RC   James Scott           34
T    George Connor         72+
T    Keith Van Horne       63
G    Stan Jones            85
G    Mark Bortz            52
C    Jay Hilgenberg        68

DT   Steve McMichael       97
DT   Fred Williams         75
DE   Doug Atkins          106
DE   Dan Hampton          104
ILB  Bill George          129
ILB  Mike Singletary      124
OLB  Joe Fortunato         92
OLB  Doug Buffone          65
CB   Bennie McRae          48
CB   J.C. Caroline         48
S    Richie Petitbon       84
S    Gary Fencik           78

Dallas Cowboys

QB   Roger Staubach       103
RB   Emmitt Smith         126
RB   Tony Dorsett         103
RC   Michael Irvin        105
RC   Drew Pearson          78
RC   Bob Hayes             78
RC   Tony Hill             67
T    Ralph Neely           94
T    Rayfield Wright       86
G    Larry Allen           85
G    John Niland           74
C    Tom Rafferty          65

DT   Bob Lilly            127
DT   Randy White          121
DE   Too Tall Jones        97
DE   Harvey Martin         82
ILB  Lee Roy Jordan        94
ILB  Bob Breunig           65
OLB  Chuck Howley         103
OLB  Dave Edwards          71
CB   Mel Renfro           112
CB   Cornell Green         96
S    Cliff Harris          84
S    Darren Woodson        78

Detroit Lions

QB   Bobby Layne           80+
RB   Barry Sanders        122
RB   Billy Sims            57
RC   Herman Moore          81
RC   Charlie Sanders       71
RC   Johnnie Morton        52
RC   Brett Perriman        52
T    Lou Creekmur          89
T    Lomas Brown           80
G    Harley Sewell         58
G    John Gordy            56
C    Ed Flanagan           58

DT   Alex Karras          112
DT   Doug English          71
DE   Darris McCord         70
DE   Robert Porcher        67
ILB  Joe Schmidt          119
ILB  Chris Spielman        66
OLB  Wayne H. Walker       91
OLB  Paul Naumoff          71
CB   Lem Barney           105
CB   Dick LeBeau           82
S    Yale Lary            109
S    Jack Christiansen     90

Green Bay Packers

QB   Brett Favre          147
RB   Ahman Green           75
RB   Jim Taylor            67
RC   James Lofton          78
RC   Sterling Sharpe       67
RC   Antonio Freeman       61
RC   Boyd Dowler           56
T    Forrest Gregg        104
T    Ken Ruettgers         55
G    Jerry Kramer          82
G    Gale Gillingham       55
C    Jim Ringo             92

DT   Henry Jordan         106
DT   Dave Hanner           58
DE   Willie Davis         102
DE   Reggie White          83
ILB  Ray Nitschke         102
ILB  Jim Carter            48
OLB  Bill Forester         82
OLB  Dave Robinson         77
CB   Herb Adderley        100
CB   Ken Ellis             59
S    Willie Wood          115
S    LeRoy Butler          87

Minnesota Vikings

QB   Fran Tarkenton       108
RB   Chuck Foreman         80
RB   Robert Smith          61
RC   Cris Carter           92
RC   Randy Moss            85
RC   Steve Jordan          67
RC   Anthony Carter        62
T    Ron Yary             118
T    Grady Alderman        79
G    Randall McDaniel      98
G    David Dixon           51
C    Mick Tingelhoff      101

DT   Alan Page            144
DT   John Randle           97
DE   Carl Eller           139
DE   Jim Marshall         106
ILB  Jeff Siemon           72
ILB  Scott Studwell        70
OLB  Roy Winston           83
OLB  Wally Hilgenberg      76
CB   Bobby Bryant          73
CB   Carl Lee              66
S    Paul Krause          104
S    Joey Browner          74

New Orleans Saints

QB   Archie Manning        70
RB   Deuce McAllister      51
RB   Dalton Hilliard       47
RC   Eric Martin           65
RC   Joe Horn              61
RC   Hoby Brenner          48
RC   Henry Childs          41
T    Willie Roaf           76
T    Stan Brock            65
G    Jim Dombrowski        48
G    Jake Kupp             35
C    John Hill             44

DT   Derland Moore         55
DT   La'Roi Glover         43
DE   Wayne Martin          66
DE   Jim Wilks             63
ILB  Sam Mills             74
ILB  Vaughan Johnson       59
OLB  Rickey Jackson       106
OLB  Pat Swilling          79
CB   Dave Waymer           61
CB   Johnnie Poe           41
S    Tom Myers             49
S    Gene Atkins           39

New York Giants

QB   Phil Simms            90
RB   Tiki Barber           99
RB   Frank Gifford         88
RC   Amani Toomer          63
RC   Bob Tucker            59
RC   Del Shofner           56
RC   Jeremy Shockey        49
T    Rosey Brown          102
T    Willie Young          55
G    Jack Stroud           58
G    Doug Van Horn         54
C    Greg Larson           65

DT   Rosey Grier           73
DT   Keith Hamilton        72
DE   Michael Strahan      121
DE   Andy Robustelli      102
ILB  Harry Carson          93
ILB  Sam Huff              85
OLB  Lawrence Taylor      139
OLB  Jessie Armstead       68
CB   Mark Haynes           61
CB   Dick Lynch            53
S    Emlen Tunnell        111+
S    Jimmy Patton         102

Philadelphia Eagles

QB   Donovan McNabb        87
RB   Wilbert Montgomery    71
RB   Brian Westbrook       58
RC   Harold Carmichael     79
RC   Pete Retzlaff         71
RC   Bobby Walston         54
RC   Tommy McDonald        51
T    Jerry Sisemore        68
T    Tra Thomas            61
G    Wade Key              38
G    Ron Baker             37
C    Guy Morriss           52

DT   Charlie Johnson       55
DT   Bucko Kilroy          55+
DE   Reggie White         112
DE   Pete Pihos            73+
ILB  Bill Bergey           69
ILB  Jeremiah Trotter      62
OLB  Chuck Bednarik       133+
OLB  Seth Joyner           61
CB   Eric Allen            73
CB   Troy Vincent          71
S    Brian Dawkins         87
S    Randy Logan           68

San Francisco 49ers

QB   Steve Young          129
RB   Roger Craig           85
RB   Hugh McElhenny        80
RC   Jerry Rice           151
RC   Terrell Owens         81
RC   Gene A. Washington    73
RC   Brent Jones           67
T    Harris Barton         80
T    Bob St. Clair         80
G    Randy Cross           76
G    Guy McIntyre          56
C    Jesse Sapolu          66

DT   Leo Nomellini        115
DT   Bryant Young          92
DE   Tommy Hart            64
DE   Cedrick Hardman       58
ILB  Frank Nunley          49
ILB  Mike Walter           46
OLB  Dave Wilcox           88
OLB  Matt Hazeltine        69
CB   Jimmy Johnson        107
CB   Ronnie Lott          101
S    Merton Hanks          60
S    Dwight Hicks          51

Seattle Seahawks

QB   Dave Krieg            78
RB   John L. Williams      74
RB   Shaun Alexander       68
RC   Steve Largent        103
RC   Brian Blades          58
RC   Darrell Jackson       52
RC   Joey Galloway         44
T    Walter Jones          90
T    Steve August          47
G    Chris Gray            45
G    Edwin Bailey          42
C    Robbie Tobeck         34

DT   Cortez Kennedy        98
DT   Joe Nash              77
DE   Jacob Green           80
DE   Jeff Bryant           70
ILB  Fredd Young           40
ILB  Lofa Tatupu           35
OLB  Chad Brown            55
OLB  Keith Butler          50
CB   Dave Brown            62
CB   Patrick Hunter        40
S    Eugene Robinson       67
S    Kenny Easley          64

St. Louis Rams

QB   Norm Van Brocklin     82+
RB   Marshall Faulk        88
RB   Lawrence McCutcheon   73
RC   Isaac Bruce           98
RC   Torry Holt            93
RC   Henry Ellard          75
RC   Jack Snow             59
T    Orlando Pace          96
T    Jackie Slater         92
G    Tom Mack              91
G    Duane Putnam          74
C    Doug C. Smith         63

DT   Merlin Olsen         139
DT   Larry Brooks          77
DE   Jack Youngblood      122
DE   Deacon Jones         104
ILB  Jack Reynolds         69
ILB  Les Richter           67
OLB  Isiah Robertson       90
OLB  Jack Pardee           71
CB   LeRoy Irvin           69
CB   Todd Lyght            54
S    Eddie Meador          95
S    Nolan Cromwell        72

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

QB   Doug Williams         45
RB   James Wilder          62
RB   Warrick Dunn          53
RC   Jimmie Giles          48
RC   Kevin House           40
RC   Mark Carrier          36
RC   Keyshawn Johnson      34
T    Paul Gruber           61
T    Rob Taylor            34
G    Ian Beckles           27
G    George Yarno          22
C    Tony Mayberry         46

DT   Warren Sapp          105
DT   David Logan           41
DE   Lee Roy Selmon        81
DE   Simeon Rice           62
ILB  Hardy Nickerson       71
ILB  Shelton Quarles       56
OLB  Derrick Brooks       134
OLB  Cecil Johnson         47
CB   Ronde Barber          98
CB   Mike Washington       45
S    John Lynch            76
S    Cedric Brown          44

Washington Redskins

QB   Joe Theismann         87
RB   Larry Jr. Brown       77
RB   John Riggins          58
RC   Art Monk              91
RC   Charley Taylor        82
RC   Gary Clark            76
RC   Jerry Smith           71
T    Joe Jacoby            83
T    George Starke         62
G    Russ Grimm            63
G    Mark May              46
C    Len Hauss             80

DT   Dave Butz             81
DT   Diron Talbert         71
DE   Charles Mann          80
DE   Gene Brito            73
ILB  Neal Olkewicz         58
ILB  Harold McLinton       56
OLB  Chris Hanburger      112
OLB  Chuck Drazenovich     63
CB   Darrell Green        103
CB   Pat Fischer           60
S    Ken Houston           81
S    Brig Owens            54

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