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Portis and Emmitt

Posted by Doug on March 28, 2006

Last time I ran some quick calculations which indicated that Clinton Portis is currently the greatest threat to Emmitt Smith's rushing record. Both Emmitt and Clinton played their rookie seasons at age 21. Here are their numbers through four years:

          RSH   YD    AVG   TD    REC    YD   AVG  TD
Smith 1264 5697 4.51 50 189 1235 6.5 3
Portis 1258 5930 4.71 45 141 1129 8.0 4

And here are the top ten rushers through the first four years of a career. The age listed in the last column is the player's age during his fifth season.

Eric Dickerson 1465 6968 27
Earl Campbell 1404 6457 27
Terrell Davis 1343 6413 27
Clinton Portis 1258 5930 25
LaDainian Tomlinson 1363 5899 26
Emmitt Smith 1262 5699 25
Barry Sanders 1189 5674 25
Eddie George 1360 5365 27
Walter Payton 1179 5316 25
Curtis Martin 1327 5086 26

Note that the guys who ended up with the record and the other guy who would have are the ones who (a) entered the league at 21 and (b) got the fewest carries in their first four years. In both these ways, Portis fits the profile of a future record-holder.

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