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Introducing College Basketball at

Posted by Justin Kubatko on February 25, 2010

I am pleased to announce the launch of College Basketball at, the latest addition to the Sports Reference family of web sites. We have had plans to launch a college basketball site for quite some time, but for one reason or another we always ran into roadblocks, most of them data-related. However, thanks to the efforts of researcher extraordinaire Kevin Johnson, we now have a college basketball database that we believe to be second-to-none. Let me tell you a little bit about what the site does (and doesn't) have:

  • In the Players section, we have statistics for all Division I players dating back to the 1998-99 season. Each player's page includes detailed player statistics, appearances on leader boards, awards, honors, and more. Unfortunately we do not have some key statistics for those seasons (namely minutes played, turnovers, and personal fouls), but we hope to fill in those blanks some day. Prior to the 1998-99 season we have college statistics for 1600+ players who went on to play in the NBA, including all-time greats such as Pete Maravich and Michael Jordan.
  • In our Schools section, we have data for all major college programs dating back to the 1894-95 season. Each school has an index with school information (location, colors, etc.), yearly win-loss records, and more. Each season has its own summary page with rosters, statistics, and more. We also have schedules and results dating back to the 1979-80 season, with more seasons on the way.
  • The Seasons section has summaries for each season dating back to 1894-95. On each summary page you will find conference summaries, AP poll results, award winners, All-America teams, leader boards, and more.
  • Next we have the Conferences section. Each conference has an index with cumulative win-loss records, regular season champions, conference tournament champions, and more. For each season we have a summary page with conference standings, AP poll results, NCAA Tournament results, and more. Finally, as with the schools we have schedules and results dating back to the 1979-80 season.
  • In the Coaches section we have career win-loss records for 3000+ coaches. In fact, we believe we have the win-loss record for every known coach in major college basketball history. Each coach's page includes a career summary, yearly win-loss records, and more.
  • The Leaders section has career, season, and yearly leaders for a number of statistics, including Win Shares, a popular statistic on our professional counterpart, Please note that all leaders are based on statistics from the 1998-99 through 2008-09 seasons (the period for which we have complete player statistics).
  • Let's move on to the Awards section, where you will find consensus All-America teams as well as major regular season and postseason award winners.
  • Speaking of the postseason, our Postseason section has yearly postseason summaries with brackets and more.

Whew! All in all the site has over 31,000 school pages, over 23,000 player pages, over 3,200 coach pages, and over 2,900 conferences pages. Now, with a project this big we know there are going to be errors that slipped through our fingers, so please give us a helping hand and fill out the site's feedback form when you come across something that appears to be in error.

Working on CBB@SR has been a labor of love for me. I have always wanted to build a college basketball site, but when I first started digging into this and realized the enormity of the project I began to question my sanity. In the end, though, it has been a lot of fun, and, like our other sites, this is only the beginning. The site will continue to expand as we move forward, with new data, new features, and (hopefully) many new users. Let me close by thanking the people that made CBB@SR possible: Kevin Johnson, for his outstanding database; John Hartwell, for once again coming up with a fantastic logo; the crew at Sports Reference, for their ever-helpful comments and suggestions; and my family, for their love and patience. This is starting to sound like the end, but it really is just the beginning. I hope you enjoy the new site...

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