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P-F-R teams up with Move the Sticks

Posted by Chase Stuart on February 25, 2010

Daniel Jeremiah is a former Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns scout who provides insight into the mind of scouting community for the casual fan. He started appearing on a weekly segment this past season on the Footballguys podcast The Audible. I've enjoyed listening to him there and started following him on twitter (@movethesticks; remember, you can also follow P-F-R @pfref).

Daniel started his own podcast a couple of weeks ago, breaking down the sorts of things scouts look for when analyzing draft prospects. We exchanged e-mails and P-F-R will be providing Move the Sticks with historical analysis and statistics related to the NFL draft over the next couple of months. Here's a link to today's draft study on defensive players; I'll have a similar one for offensive players coming up in the next couple of days. P-F-R will, of course, be providing some draft analysis on our blog as well, but we're not scouts or mock draft experts. I'd recommend checking out and if you want some in-depth analysis on nearly all of the prospects for the 2010 draft.