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Stadium, Game Time and Weather Info now in Boxscores

Posted by Jason Lisk on July 20, 2010

The boxscores on pro-football-reference now have stadium name, game start time (local time for the home team), playing surface type, and temperature, humidity and wind information. For example, if you go to this game from October 19, 1980 between Kansas City and Denver, you will see that the game was played at Mile High Stadium on grass surface, and had a local start time of noon (2 pm eastern) with 49 degree temperature and winds of 9 mph. This game was not chosen randomly, as it happens to be the last regular season Sunday game with a start time in Denver before 2 p.m. Mountain Time.

The stadium info was put together by Chase (with Neil lending a hand), I worked on the game time project, while Doug put together the weather info. A couple of disclaimers on the game time and weather. The game times go back to the 1970 season, and were compiled from archived newspaper listings of game times. I tried to find papers as close as possible to the day of the game, but for some weeks I had to rely on papers further out. I suppose that there could have been some game time shifts at the last minute or misprints in the original source, but I'm sure that these are 99% accurate. The weather info right now is daily, and not specific to the hour. It is based on the weather data from the airport for the city in question, and not every stadium is right by the airport. The reported temperature is the daily high if it was an afternoon game, and adjusted for night games using the daily average and low temperatures. The wind conditions reported are based on daily averages and maximum sustained winds on the day in question. I would view it as very good approximate weather info for the game in question, and it goes back to every game (except for 3 random holdouts) since 1960.

To close for today, I'll give you some of the cool info I was able to find in the game time data. Before we officially had Sunday Night Football, there were 11 regular season games played in primetime on Sunday night between 1978 and 1985, and here are the boxscores for those games:

New England at Oakland on September 24, 1978
Pittsburgh at Los Angeles on November 12, 1978
Denver at Oakland on December 3, 1978
Los Angeles at Dallas on October 14, 1979
Los Angeles at Dallas on October 18, 1981
Atlanta at San Francisco on December 19, 1982
Los Angeles Raiders at Dallas on October 23, 1983
Denver at Cleveland on September 16, 1984
New Orleans at Dallas on October 21, 1984
Dallas at New York Giants on October 6, 1985
Pittsburgh at San Diego on December 8, 1985

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