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The Podcast Returns

Posted by Doug on August 3, 2010

This episode is less structured than previous offerings; each of us throws out a few topics for discussion about the upcoming season. The conversation ranges from the Cowboys' offense to Andre Johnson to Donovan McNabb to the Jets' schedule to Walter Payton's shoe endorsements. Healthy doses of trivia are sprinkled in.

Allow me to apologize in advance for certain audio and editing-related annoyances. This is simply not a professionally-produced podcast (for the record that's my fault, not Chase's or JKL's). We hope to improve that in future episodes and that you'll give us a mulligan after the long layoff. Enjoy.

Two more podcast-related announcements.

1. For those who enjoy the Trivia Blitz format, we have one of those in the can (with no audio annoyances!) and will release it later this week.

2. The prize for winning the March Madness contest was a podcast on a player or team of the winner's choice. We haven't forgotten about you, Matt S, it's coming.

Listen here, subscribe here if you know how, and read this if you don’t. It’s free, of course.

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