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Feature Watch: Introducing the Team Game Finder

Posted by Doug on August 4, 2010

As I announced in the last episode of the podcast, we're adding a new toy to the Play Index section of p-f-r.

It's the team game finder. Like the player game finder, it has five different modes, and I'll walk you through each of them with a few interesting queries.

Single game mode - this is where you can get a list of specific games satisfying certain criteria. Clicking the game date will take you right to the box score.

All games where a team had 50 or more rushing attempts
All postseason games where the winning team overcame a 10-or-more-point halftime deficit
Most sacks by the Packers in a division game

Cumulative Season Games mode - this totals up all the games (meeting the specified criteria) for each team-season. It serves, among other things, as a fairly robust team-season finder.

What team had the best turnover differential of all time?
What team scored the most points in the first eight games of a season?
What team allowed the most points in their wins?

Cumulative Multi-Season Games mode - this totals up all games (meeting the specified criteria) in all years for each team. You can use it to build franchise leaderboards.

What franchise allowed the most rushing yards in the 70s?
What is each franchise's record in games where they scored first?

Season Games mode - this counts the number of games matching your criteria for each team-season.

What team had the most come-from-behind victories in a season?
What team had the most 30-point wins in a season?
What team had the most games in a season where they scored at least two rushing TDs and at least two passing TDs?

Total Games mode - this counts the number of games matching the criteria for every franchise.

Each franchises all-time record in conference games.
What franchise has the most games where it gave up 10 or fewer points, but lost?

I'm sure there are bugs lurking. Don't hesitate to put them in the comments if you find them. Or just put fun queries there.

Big thanks go to Justin Kubatko, whose player game finder served as the backbone of this feature.

And oh, by the way, this might not even be the most exciting announcement of mid-August. Stay tuned.

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