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Podcast: all-80s defense

Posted by Doug on August 15, 2010

Last July we did this podcast episode, where JKL and I tried to name our all-80s offense purely from memory and without consulting any recorded data at all. Chase, barely alive during the 80s, was on hand with lots of analysis of the relevant data to let us know how our at-the-time perceptions align with a more disinterested and objective accounting of things.

Almost exactly a year ago, we recorded the defense episode (as promised) and now here it is. [Why did it take a year to edit the thing? It's a long story, so don't even ask, but as with all podcast problems so far, it's my fault and not Chase's or JKL's.]

More podcasts coming soon...

Listen here, subscribe here if you know how, and read this if you don’t. It’s free, of course.

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