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Checkdowns: Congrats to Jason Lisk, The Big Lead’s New NFL Blogger

Posted by Neil Paine on September 10, 2010

Some terrific news from the blogosphere this week: PFR's very own Jason Lisk (JKL for longtime readers of the blog) is now The Big Lead's NFL blogger. Everyone here at Sports-Reference is very proud of Jason, and we're also excited because it means we get to read his stuff a lot more (he'll be producing around 20 posts a week for TBL). Congratulations, JKL, you earned this.

Also, no need to worry -- Jason's relationship with PFR isn't completely over because of his new job. He'll still be able to occasionally post things like the AFL series, HoF profiles, and other historical pieces here, as well as podcasts. Obviously the majority of his time and writing power will be devoted to TBL, as it should be, but it's reassuring to know that he'll be making cameo appearances at our humble blog from time to time.

Anyway, big props to Jason, and here's to great success in the future. We'll miss having you around here all the time, but we're also thrilled about your new opportunity. Go get 'em!

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