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Super Bowls and quarterbacks picked #1 overall

Posted by Doug on June 23, 2006

Random trivia: a surprisingly high percentage of quarterbacks picked #1 overall in the draft have Super Bowl rings.

In the Super Bowl era, here is the list of #1 overall pick quarterbacks:

2005 Alex Smith
2004 Eli Manning
2003 Carson Palmer
2002 David Carr
2001 Michael Vick
1999 Tim Couch
1998 Peyton Manning
1993 Drew Bledsoe
1990 Jeff George
1989 Troy Aikman
1987 Vinny Testaverde
1984 [should we count Steve Young? I guess not.]
1983 John Elway
1975 Steve Bartkowski
1971 Jim Plunkett
1970 Terry Bradshaw

Eight of these guys' careers are over (that's counting Couch and Testaverde) and four of them won Super Bowls. Of the active seven, Drew Bledsoe has a Super Bowl ring, although it's debateable whether that's within the spirit of the question.

Of Smith, Manning, Manning, Palmer, Carr, and Vick, how many will win Super Bowls? If the over/under was 0.5, I'd take the over. If it was 1.5, I'd probably take the under, but I'd have to think about it a little more.

[NOTE: this investigation was inspired by comments made by message board poster "SSOG" in a thread titled "How likely is Brady Quinn to win a SB?" started by longtime Friend Of P-F-R Chase at the footballguys message board. Here is the whole thread.]

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