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Checkdowns: Brady’s Thoughts on My ‘Top 100 QB Performances’ Post

Posted by Neil Paine on November 16, 2010

Tom Brady was the guest on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan Show this morning, as he is just about every week, to break down the previous Patriots game and chat about team issues.

After discussing the Steelers game, they started to talk about Michael Vick's amazing performance last night -- and at the 24-minute mark, Gerry and John give a shoutout to PFR, asking Brady to address my post about the Top 100 Post-Merger QB Performances (unadjusted for opponent; the adjusted version is here).

Tom wasn't too impressed, and he talked about the perils of judging QBs by yards per attempt, but he was pretty blown away by Joe Namath's #1-ranked performance. Also, it's a shame they looked at my first post on the subject and not my second, because at the bottom, Brady's 2007 shows up as being the single greatest season by a QB since the merger.

(Special thanks to Baseball-Reference's own Andy Kamholz for hearing this on the radio and letting me know about it.)