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Bowl Contest 2008/09

Posted by Doug on December 15, 2008

EDIT: this contest is now closed. Here is your super-geeky page that tracks the standings.

PRIZE: The usual: honor and glory, and maybe some sponsorship dollars to be named later, if you're interested.

IS THAT ALL? well, you do get access to the always-updated pool web page that tracks a lot of statistics about the contest, estimates each contestant's probability of winning, and estimates the final standings after each game finishes. If you like college football and probabilistic geekery based on college football, it's a lot of fun to follow.

HOW TO ENTER: see below


There are 34 bowl games. For each game, one team will be designated the favorite and one team will be designated the underdog. In some games, the underdog will be designated a "longshot."

Step #1: pick a winner for each game (straight up).

Step #2: group your picks into groups of 1, 2 or 3, subject to the condition that a group of two must have at least one underdog and a group of one must be a longshot.

To get credit for a group, ALL teams in the group must win. Whoever gets the most groups wins. Tiebreaker is whoever picks the most total games correctly (ignoring groups). [NOTE: I think there's a decent chance that the tiebreaker will come into play; that's part of the strategy.]

THE GAMES (listed chronologically):

The favorite is listed first in each game, and note that the favorite/underdog/longshot designations are set in stone. If Texas's entire first string is suspended or something, they will still be considered a favorite from the standpoint of this pool.

Wake Forest / Navy
Fresno State / Colorado State
South Florida / Memphis <---- Memphis is a longshot Arizona / BYU Troy / Southern Miss TCU / Boise State Hawaii / Notre Dame Central Michigan / Florida Atlantic North Carolina / West Virginia Florida State / Wisconsin Cal / Miami Northern Illinois / La. Tech Rutgers / NC State Missouri / Northwestern <----- Northwestern is a longshot Nevada / Maryland Rice / Western Michigan Oklahoma State / Oregon Houston / Air Force Oregon State / Pitt Boston College / Vanderbilt Kansas / Minnesota <------ Minnesota is a longshot Georgia Tech / LSU Iowa / South Carolina Clemson / Nebraska Georgia / Michigan State USC / Penn State <------ Penn State is a longshot Cincinnati / Virginia Tech Texas Tech / Ole Miss East Carolina / Kentucky Alabama / Utah <------ Utah is a longshot Connecticut / Buffalo Texas / Ohio State <------ Ohio State is a longshot Ball State / Tulsa Florida / Oklahoma HOW TO ENTER: In order to facilitate data entry, I'm going to ask you to encode your entry according to these team numbers (example below).

 0=AirForce         1=Alabama          2=Arizona          3=BYU
 4=BallSt           5=BoiseSt          6=BostCol          7=Buffalo
 8=Cal              9=CentMich        10=Cincy           11=Clemson
12=ColoSt          13=Connecticut     14=EastCar         15=FlorAtl
16=Florida         17=FloridaSt       18=Fresno          19=GaTech
20=Georgia         21=Hawaii          22=Houston         23=Iowa
24=Kansas          25=Kentucky        26=LSU             27=LaTech
28=Maryland        29=Memphis         30=Miami           31=MichSt
32=Minnesota       33=Missouri        34=NCState         35=Navy
36=Nebraska        37=Nevada          38=NoCarolina      39=NoIllinois
40=Northwestern    41=NotreDame       42=OhioSt          43=OklaSt
44=Oklahoma        45=OleMiss         46=Oregon          47=OregonSt
48=PennSt          49=Pitt            50=Rice            51=Rutgers
52=SoCar           53=SoFlorida       54=SoMiss          55=TCU
56=TexTech         57=Texas           58=Troy            59=Tulsa
60=USC             61=Utah            62=VaTech          63=Vandy
64=WakeForest      65=WestMich        66=WestVirginia    67=Wisconsin

Separate teams with commas and groups with this guy ---> | <---- An entry should look something like this:


64,38,8 means Wake Forest, UNC, and Cal are a group. You get a point if ALL those teams win. 3,17 means that BYU and Florida State are a group. This is a legal two-team group because BYU is an underdog. 61 means that Utah is a one-team group, which is legal because they are a longshot. And so on. You should have 34 numbers listed when you're finished.