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About this blog

Posted by Doug on March 21, 2006

This blog is about football, statistics, and football statistics. If you are visiting, you probably have some interest in at least one of those three things.

Over the past five years I have written many fantasy football articles for my other site: You can find some of them here at this site. Because I am addicted to fantasy football, I will continue to contribute to footballguys, and I will also use this blog to discuss the interesting fantasy-related content over there. But the purpose of this blog is to write about football without having to tie it into fantasy football.

Some posts will be long, some will be short. Some will involve sophisticated mathematical concepts (more sophisticated than the typical football blog anyway) and some will be opinionated rants. Most will be about football, but some will not. No matter who you are, I'm sure you will find some of them interesting and some not. If you do happen to find more interesting than not, tell a friend.