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The PFR Super Bowl Squares App

We love Super Bowl Squares at PFR, and wrote some of the first articles on the theory behind the best squares. You can now take that information with you to your Super Bowl party and pick the squares most likely to win.

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Our Super Bowl Squares app takes actual game data from 1994-2010 and determines which squares have historically been the most successful. Since the pools can vary from party to party we also let you enter your particular party's payout scheme (100% at the end of the game or some percentage paid out each quarter) and recompute the best squares based on your payout.

Then as the game as played you can update the score at the end of each quarter to determine the most likely winners from that point on.


  • Square likelihoods based on scores from NFL games from 1994 through the end of the 2010 regular season.
  • Set your pool's payout by quarter.
  • Expected payouts updated depending on your pool's structure.
  • See all of your squares on a single screen.
  • Update the score of the game and see how the expected payouts change.
  • Common rules and setup for creating your own Super Bowl Squares pool



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