NFL Net Yards per Pass Attempt Single Game Leaders

Players must meet the minimum requirements to show up on this leaderboard. Single game leaders only reflect years for which we have complete boxscore data (1960 onward), all playoff games, and all 100 yard rushing/receiving or 300 yard passing games from 1940-1959.

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Leaders Table
Rank Player NY/A Tm Boxscore
1Milt Plum22.00CLECleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, October 2, 1960
2Craig Morton20.53DALDallas Cowboys vs. Houston Oilers, December 20, 1970
3Earl Morrall19.73NYGNew York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles, October 17, 1965
4Len Dawson+18.53KANKansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos, September 7, 1963
5Johnny Unitas+18.50BALBaltimore Colts vs. Atlanta Falcons, November 12, 1967
6James Harris18.40RAMLos Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers, October 20, 1974
7Len Dawson+18.29KANKansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins, November 13, 1966
8John Hadl17.83SDGSan Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos, October 20, 1968
9Joe Namath+17.71NYJNew York Jets vs. Baltimore Colts, September 24, 1972
10Steve Grogan17.50NWENew England Patriots vs. New York Jets, September 9, 1979
11Norm Van Brocklin+17.24RAMLos Angeles Rams vs. Detroit Lions, October 29, 1950
12John Brodie16.95SFOSan Francisco 49ers vs. Chicago Bears, November 19, 1961
13Johnny Unitas+16.88BALBaltimore Colts vs. Dallas Cowboys, October 30, 1960
14Ken Anderson16.75CINCincinnati Bengals vs. Houston Oilers, October 29, 1978
15Roger Staubach+16.57DALDallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants, December 12, 1971
Bob Griese+16.57MIAMiami Dolphins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, November 14, 1971
17Fran Tarkenton+16.50NYGNew York Giants vs. Washington Redskins, September 29, 1968
18Charley Johnson16.45DENDenver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs, September 21, 1975
19Warren Rabb16.38BUFBuffalo Bills vs. Denver Broncos, October 28, 1962
20Charley Johnson16.32STLSt. Louis Cardinals vs. Cleveland Browns, September 26, 1965
21Sonny Jurgensen+16.29PHIPhiladelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys, November 25, 1962
22Marc Wilson16.26RAILos Angeles Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks, October 7, 1984
23Daryle Lamonica16.24OAKOakland Raiders vs. Houston Oilers, December 21, 1969
24Lynn Dickey16.19GNBGreen Bay Packers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, October 2, 1983
25Len Dawson+16.18DTXDallas Texans vs. Denver Broncos, November 18, 1962
26Tony Banks16.17STLSt. Louis Rams vs. Atlanta Falcons, December 15, 1996
27Norm Van Brocklin+16.11RAMLos Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers, November 7, 1954
28Chris Chandler16.00ATLAtlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers, September 23, 2001
Bart Starr+16.00GNBGreen Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns, October 15, 1961
Craig Morton16.00DALDallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, October 22, 1967
31Jim Finks+15.93PITPittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns, October 17, 1954
32Ed Brown15.86CHIChicago Bears vs. Los Angeles Rams, October 9, 1960
Dan Fouts+15.86SDGSan Diego Chargers vs. Cleveland Browns, November 3, 1974
34Craig Morton15.79DALDallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills, September 19, 1971
35Y.A. Tittle+15.78SFOSan Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Colts, December 2, 1956
36Jim McMahon15.73CHIChicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings, September 19, 1985
37Y.A. Tittle+15.71SFOSan Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Colts, November 29, 1953
38Norm Van Brocklin+15.68RAMLos Angeles Rams vs. Green Bay Packers, October 17, 1954
39Johnny Unitas+15.67BALBaltimore Colts vs. Detroit Lions, November 10, 1963
40Johnny Unitas+15.64BALBaltimore Colts vs. Minnesota Vikings, December 8, 1963
41Jay Schroeder15.60RAILos Angeles Raiders vs. Minnesota Vikings, December 22, 1990
42Fran Tarkenton+15.56NYGNew York Giants vs. St. Louis Cardinals, October 25, 1970
43Len Dawson+15.47KANKansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos, November 21, 1971
Jeff Hostetler15.47RAILos Angeles Raiders vs. Denver Broncos, January 9, 1994
45Norm Van Brocklin+15.42RAMLos Angeles Rams vs. Baltimore Colts, September 26, 1954
46Norm Van Brocklin+15.40RAMLos Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears, November 16, 1952
Jim Kelly+15.40BUFBuffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots, September 27, 1992
48Steve Young+15.39SFOSan Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions, December 19, 1993
49Al Woodall15.35NYJNew York Jets vs. Los Angeles Rams, November 15, 1970
50George Ratterman15.33NYYNew York Yanks vs. Chicago Bears, October 29, 1950
Lamar McHan15.33CRDChicago Cardinals vs. Washington Redskins, November 9, 1958
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