NFL Single-Season Playoffs Net Yards per Pass Attempt Leaders

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Rank Player NY/A Year Tm
1Jeff Hostetler (32)13.441993RAI
2Charlie Conerly (36)13.361958NYG
3Frank Filchock (28)12.291945WAS
4Daryle Lamonica (29)11.691970OAK
5Tobin Rote (35)11.531963SDG
6Frank Ryan (28)11.441964CLE
7Bob Waterfield (30)11.381950RAM
8Harry Newman (24)11.001933NYG
Sid Luckman (26)11.001943CHI
10Bart Starr (32)10.861966GNB
11Norm Van Brocklin (34)10.201960PHI
12Jim Kelly (30)10.171990BUF
13Sammy Baugh (23)10.151937WAS
14Terry Bradshaw (30)10.131978PIT
15Rodney Peete (29)10.121995PHI
16Tobin Rote (29)10.081957DET
17Steve Beuerlein (26)10.001991DAL
18Earl Morrall (36)9.801970BAL
19George Blanda (32)9.711960HOU
20Steve Bartkowski (27)9.701980ATL
21Bart Starr (27)9.651961GNB
22Kelly Holcomb (29)9.642002CLE
Terry Bradshaw (27)9.641975PIT
24Joe Montana (33)9.521989SFO
25Sammy Baugh (29)9.481943WAS